Weaving repository contents into the Semantic Web

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December 03, 2014

Weaving repository contents into the Semantic Web

Presenter: Pascal-Nicolas Becker (Technische Universität Berlin)

Repositories are systems to safely store and publish digital objects and their descriptive metadata. Repositories mainly serve their data by using web interfaces which are primarily oriented towards human consumption. They either hide their data behind non-generic interfaces or do not publish them at all in a way a computer can process easily. At the same time the data stored in repositories are particularly suited to be used in the Semantic Web as metadata are already available. They do not have to be generated or entered manually for publication as Linked Data. In my talk I will present a concept of how metadata and digital objects stored in repositories can be woven into the Linked (Open) Data Cloud and which characteristics of repositories have to be considered while doing so. One problem it targets is the use of existing metadata to present Linked Data. The concept can be applied to almost every repository software. At the end of my talk I will present an implementation for DSpace, one of the software solutions for repositories most widely used. With this implementation every institution using DSpace should become able to export their repository content as Linked Data.



December 03, 2014