Moving from MARC: How BIBFRAME moves the Linked Data in Libraries conversation to large-scale action

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December 03, 2014

Moving from MARC: How BIBFRAME moves the Linked Data in Libraries conversation to large-scale action

Presenter: Eric Miller (Zepheira)

As the Library of Congress looked to the future of MARC, they looked to Linked Data principles and Semantic Web standards as the foundation of BIBFRAME. Libraries have an extensive history with MARC as a sophisticated and highly customized descriptive vocabulary with billions of records spread across systems and providers. In order to recognize the value of connecting this legacy in new and contemporary ways, BIBFRAME’s design is intentionally extensible with Profile-based vocabularies, flexible transformation utilities, and iterative linking strategies in mind. The migration from MARC (and other related Library standards) to BIBFRAME offers the most widely actionable opportunity for libraries to adopt Linked Data as a foundation of their Web visibly and internal operations.
This session will include a review of practical tools we have used in helping libraries:
• evaluate their current data
• define local data priorities
• perform large-scale transformation
• create profile-based definitions for original content
• identify linking options
• move beyond simply representing legacy data to take full advantage of the Linked Data nature of Web vocabularies like BIBFRAME and
We benefit from looking back at the history of how Libraries have helped shape the Web of Data to the future of how now given these standards, we together can raise the visibility of libraries on the Web.



December 03, 2014