Swift India Conf 2019: Combine! All the things

Swift India Conf 2019: Combine! All the things

Speaker: Ritesh Gupta, iOS Engineer, Over Inc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_riteshhh/

Bio: Ritesh Gupta is an iOS Engineer at Over. He believes in protocol-oriented & reactive programming and also enjoys writing about them on medium. He also had the honor of writing an issue of iOS dev weekly & has given multiple talks on various meetups/conferences. When he is not coding, you can find him exploring Indian fusion cuisines.

Abstract: Recently in WWDC'19, Apple has announced their reactive framework called Combine and I couldn't be more excited as I have been tinkering with reactive programming for the last 4 years now. In this talk, we will go through the basics of reactive programming and gradually dive into how we can use Combine through a demo app. In this journey, we will explore various concepts like Publisher, Subscriber, Subject along with some of the operators like map, flatmap, filter, merge, zip, etc through real-life examples.


Swift India

July 28, 2019