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Blender Training

Blender Training

This training introduces you to the marvelous world of Blender, the popular opensource 3d computer graphics software. The goal is to create step by step some stunning 3d art by the end of the training giving you the knowledge to start having fun with Blender.
The Plan

User Interface
Introduction to the UI
UI customization
Viewport navigation
Keyboard Shortcuts
Quick Rendering
Move, scale and rotate
Add an object
Object Mode and Edit mode

Federico Frenguelli

July 22, 2014

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  1. Welcome

  2.  @synasius

  3. https://evonove.it

  4. Django OAuth Toolkit  https://github.com/evonove/django-oauth-toolkit

  5. What is Blender?

  6. 3D and 2D content creation software one software a bunch

    of tools
  7. None
  8. None
  9. 0:52

  10. None
  11. The Plan Blender UI Modeling Basics Materials

  12. The missing parts Physic Simulation Engine Animations Blender Game Engine

    Motion Tracking Python Scripting
  13. Part 1 Blender UI

  14. The Editors

  15. Excercise #0 Practice with the ui Change the default interface

    so it looks like e x 0 0 _ u i . p n g
  16. Navigation MMB - Rotate the view Shift + MMB -

    View panning Mouse Wheel - Zoom
  17. Fast view Numpad 3 - Right View Numpad 1 -

    Front View Numpad 7 - Top View Numpad 5 - Toggle between Perspective and Ortographic View Numpad . - Center and Zoom on active object Home - Zoom and pan to fit all objects on the scene
  18. Object Selection Blender is hard! I can't even select an

    object! It's RMB!
  19. Excercise #1 Open e x 0 1 _ n a

    v i g a t i o n . b l e n d Navigate the scene and move in front of the 4 monkeys
  20. must know Quick Rendering

  21. Rendering? Rendering is the process of generating an image from

    a model
  22. How to render? F12

  23. Part 2 Modeling

  24. Transformations Move - G Rotate - R Scale - S

  25. Transformations Activate constraints - x y z Step at increments

    - Ctrl Type numbers to override value Properties panel - N
  26. Objects Add an object - Shift A Duplicate object -

    Shift D Delete an object- X
  27. Excercise #2 Practice with the transformations Model a Lego brick

  28. Modeling The edit mode

  29. None
  30. Edit mode Toggle with TAB

  31. Transformations Same of the Object Mode

  32. New tools Extrude - E Faces fill - F Loop

    cut - Ctrl R Loop Selection - Alt RMB
  33. Excercise #3 Model a bottle

  34. Excercise #4 Model a table

  35. Modifiers Modifiers are automatic operations that affect an object in

    a non-destructive way
  36. Excercise #5 Refining the bottle

  37. Excercise #6 Model a glass

  38. Excercise #7 Model a chair

  39. Part 3 Materials

  40. None
  41. Excercise #7 Add materials to the bottle

  42. Excercise #8 Add materials to the other models

  43. last step Render the scene

  44. Exercise #9 Use the models to create a scene Add

    a floor Add some lights Render the scene
  45. bonus Textures

  46. Exercise #10 Add a texture to the cube

  47. Excercise #11 Add some textures to the table

  48. The End Thank you!