How to save money on long-term support for Java 11?

How to save money on long-term support for Java 11?

TL;TR. During my presentation I will clarify the situation with Oracle JDK and OpenJDK 11+ and compare available solutions to get (free) long-term support (LTS) for your (production) Java instances.

Longer version. Java 11 - besides new features - brought also confusion with the the licensing model. Among others, I will answer the following questions: Is Java still free? Will Java 11 get long-term support from Oracle? Will it be available for free? What is a difference between Oracle JDK 11 and OpenJDK 11? Do I need to upgrade my production to newer Java version every 6 months? What cost-free options do I have to use Java 11 with long-term support? Which option should be best for me (AdoptOpenJDK, Red Hat, Azul, Amazon, Liberica JDK, ...)? Or maybe, in the end, it is worth to pay some $$$ to have support from Oracle?

Just as a pre-warn, please be aware that even the new releases of Oracle JDK 8 (yes 8!) starting with 8u211 (April 2019) are available under the new - non-free for commercial usage - license.


Marcin Zajączkowski

June 25, 2019