Assembly: The mother of all languages

232f987cbe47dd7083918ff2b641cf4b?s=47 Takipi
November 19, 2013

Assembly: The mother of all languages

A dive into every programmer's core roots - the assembly language - the foundation of every high-level language, like C++, Java, Scala & Clojure, and the major reason for their evolution.

Key points:

* The basics of the assembly language and how it differs from the JVM Bytecode.

* How the assembly language varies between architectures, e.g. x64, ARM, and OSs, e.g. Windows, Linux, Android.

* See how the differences between high-level languages, like Java, Scala & C/C++, affect the assembly behind them.

* How the JIT compiler utilizes assembly for maximum efficiency at run-time.



November 19, 2013