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Let's Talk About Ability

Let's Talk About Ability

A Presentation on Guiding CS & IT Graduates


Tamizhvendan S

May 06, 2020

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  1. Lead Consultant www.ajira.tech Tamizhvendan S Passionate, Pragmatic and Polyglot Programmer

    https://www.demystifyfp.com tamizhvendan Let’s talk about ability
  2. @tamizhvendan

  3. Ability to Write Program On Your Own 1 @tamizhvendan

  4. It’s start from your Lab Exercises @tamizhvendan

  5. Pick One Programming Language @tamizhvendan

  6. Solve Lot of Problems @tamizhvendan

  7. What Language To Pick? Javascript @tamizhvendan

  8. Javascript - Roadmap https://eloquentjavascript.net/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkZNo7MFNFg @tamizhvendan

  9. Javascript - Roadmap A Practical Guide to Algorithms with JavaScript

    https://frontendmasters.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2CEgPsws3U Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript @tamizhvendan
  10. What Kind Of Problems To Solve? Project Euler Codelity HackerRank

  11. Complete FreeCodeCamp Certification Algorithms and Data Structures @tamizhvendan

  12. Ability to Learn 2 @tamizhvendan

  13. A Software Developer is a life long learner @tamizhvendan

  14. Learning & Earning is directly proportional @tamizhvendan

  15. Make learning a Daily Routine Learning - Roadmap @tamizhvendan

  16. Ability to Design Databases 3 @tamizhvendan

  17. DB Design - Roadmap https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programming/sql https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztHopE5Wnpc https://launchschool.com/books/sql @tamizhvendan

  18. What Database To Use? Postgres @tamizhvendan

  19. Ability to Communicate 4 @tamizhvendan

  20. Communication is not speaking in English @tamizhvendan

  21. க"ேட% &ைதைய @tamizhvendan

  22. Communication is selling your thought process @tamizhvendan

  23. Communication - Roadmap Teach Your Friend @tamizhvendan

  24. Communication - Roadmap Present In Your Class @tamizhvendan

  25. Communication - Roadmap @tamizhvendan

  26. Ability to Develop Web Application 5 @tamizhvendan

  27. Learn Basics of HTTP @tamizhvendan

  28. https://launchschool.com/books/http Web Development - Roadmap https://launchschool.com/books/working_with_apis @tamizhvendan

  29. Learn Basics of Command Line @tamizhvendan

  30. https://launchschool.com/books/command_line Web Development - Roadmap @tamizhvendan

  31. Learn A Editor Web Development - Roadmap @tamizhvendan

  32. Web Development - Roadmap Web Development Bootcamp https://frontendmasters.com/bootcamp/ @tamizhvendan

  33. Web Development - Roadmap Learn Node.js https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLtyhwFtXQA Express.js & Node.js

    Course for Beginners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8uL0lFFoN0 @tamizhvendan
  34. Complete FreeCodeCamp Certification APIs and Microservices @tamizhvendan

  35. Ability to Work As a Team 6 @tamizhvendan

  36. Software Development is a team game! @tamizhvendan

  37. Team & Leadership - Roadmap @tamizhvendan

  38. Ability to Design a Web Application 7 @tamizhvendan

  39. Developing vs designing @tamizhvendan

  40. @tamizhvendan

  41. Web Design - Roadmap Introduction To Responsive Web Design -

    HTML & CSS Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLtyhwFtXQA @tamizhvendan
  42. Complete FreeCodeCamp Certification Responsive Web Design @tamizhvendan

  43. Ability to Take Responsibility of Your Career 8 @tamizhvendan

  44. There is no finish line so love the journey @tamizhvendan