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BuddyPress Mythbusting

Tammie Lister
November 21, 2013

BuddyPress Mythbusting

WordCamp London Presentation

Tammie Lister

November 21, 2013


  1. - GoDaddy's customer support forums run BP: http://support.godaddy.com/groups/ 

    of thousands of members. ! - wordpress.org runs BP to power profiles.wordpress.org as well as a number of other bits. 
 Millions of members. ! Boone B GORGES
  2. ROLL YER OWN… Just css: yourtheme/css/buddypress.css Just a wrapper: yourtheme/buddypress.php

    or yourtheme/community.php Just a template: yourtheme/activity/index.php All a component: yourtheme/activity/* All the amazing: yourtheme/activity… groups/.. +++