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How to not design like a developer (2014 version)

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June 14, 2014

How to not design like a developer (2014 version)

Presented at WordCamp Chicago 2014



June 14, 2014

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  1. How to Not Design Like a Developer tracy apps -

    @tapps owner, designer, developer, toilet cleaner tracy apps design, LLC
  2. obligatory  “WHO IS THIS PERSON TALKING”  slide tracy

    apps (yes. my last name is apps) @tapps
  3. enough about me though...

  4. None
  5. contrast contrast contrast contrast

  6. contrast contrast contrast contrast

  7. subtlepatterns.com

  8. color

  9. kuler.adobe.com

  10. color meanings

  11. happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity, sunshine, spring, deity (Hinduism), cowardice, betrayal,

    egoism, madness, caution, physical illness, courage (Japan), adult movies (China), insane asylum (Russia)
  12. balance photo (CC) Danielle deLeon

  13. symmetrical

  14. asymmetrical

  15. alignment/layout photo (CC) Kathy McEldowney

  16. the grid is your friend

  17. thisisdallas.github.io/Simple-Grid

  18. responsivegridsystem.com

  19. plan ahead. photo by James Gregory

  20. None
  21. less > more

  22. None
  23. less > more

  24. seek inspiration

  25. no, seriously. try going outside.

  26. icons. fonts. icon fonts.

  27. google.com/fonts

  28. fontawesome.io

  29. icomoon.io

  30. cheat

  31. css3generator.com

  32. getbootstrap.com

  33. None
  34. creative commons photos used • “US Statutes at Large” by

    Wikipedia user: Coolcaesar 
 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Statutes_at_Large • “Asymmetry” by Danielle deLeon 
 flickr.com/photos/danielledeleon • “All my worldly possessions…” by Kathy McEldowney 
 flickr.com/photos/k2d2vaca • “Fail Drain” by James Gregory 
  35. ? ’s

  36. tracy apps twitter: @tapps web: tracyappsdesign.com ! or just google