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Tara Bernardin and seeding to grow your garden

Tara Bernardin and seeding to grow your garden

Have you ever wanted to how gardening can lead to peace of mind? Check these simple tips from Tara Bernardin, a professional writer and speaker.

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Tara Bernardin

April 18, 2021

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  2. What better way to expand the mind and keep it

    healthy, young and alive than reading. On top of that, reading is a way of escape from life issues as we delve into the world of the character being read. Self development books, on the other hand, empower us with strategies and skills that make us become better people. The benefits of reading habits no doubt go beyond what has been mentioned.
  3. Want to develop a reading habit that you can stick

    to? Check out as Tara Bernardin, a write, blogger and professional speaker walks you through tips to developing a reading habit that works.
  4. 1. Start small If you are just starting out on

    reading, you do not need to chunk down the whole book in a day. Start with small books or read a few pages of a book per day. For this, you can start a daily target of reading 10-20 pages per day. While at it, don’t rush but instead take your time to digest and enjoy what you are reading. Who knows? You can even exceed your daily target if it is a book you enjoy.
  5. 2. Consider books that you love You are likely to

    quit reading a book that does not interest you. One thing is motivation is the strong fundamental that will keep you going when reading a book. And just because a book is trendy doesn’t mean you can jump on it as well. Seek out books that pertain to your hobbies and personal interests. The more you enjoy reading a particular book, the more you are motivated and eager to keep reading it to finish. Conversely, if you do not enjoy a book, you are more likely to shove it back on the shelf. Plus, why will you continue reading a book if it is more like a chore than enjoyment or entertainment to you? Life is too short for boring things!
  6. 3. Make reading a part of your daily routines Another

    way to go about consistent reading is to keep reading materials handy at all times. Whether you are commuting, or you have free time at work, you are just lazing around at home, grab a book to read. While commuting to work, carry your book along for reading. Waiting for some conference meetings, read. Have a doctors’ appointment, tag your book along. Do this until reading becomes second nature. This is a great pastime.
  7. 4. Embrace technology Technology has been so good to us

    that you do not have to carry a physical book every time. With eBooks and audiobooks, you can get to read easily and on the go. “You probably have a lot going on and audiobooks can be a great way to squeeze in reading to busy schedules,” Tara Bernardin says. Tara also discovers that reading can be of great benefit to your career. Apart from the beignets of stress busters and improving the brainpower, all the great information trapped in a book can be what you need for a great career.
  8. 5. Keep a book reports or blog One of the

    interesting ways to stick to a habit is to make a report of what you read or blog it. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and you will be amazed at how much you are able to retain from the book. Jot down favorable quotes, a few ideas and strategies you can incorporate and any other important details.
  9. So, there you have it! Helpful tips provided by a

    proud avid reader, Tara Bernardin to help you develop a reading habit. So, leave your phone for an hour or two, shut off the TV and settle down to enjoyable, happy reading.