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Imag(e)ine Solr - a visual more like this approach in Solr

Imag(e)ine Solr - a visual more like this approach in Solr

Imagine there would be an open-source approach for a visual more like this search baked into Solr. Well there is: The LIRE library extracts visual features from images that can be easily used for mlt queries. The results may vary but are promising.

Held at the Search Technology Meetup Hamburg


Torsten Bøgh Köster

June 04, 2015


  1. Imag(e)ine Solr – a visual mlt approach Search Technology Meetup

    Hamburg Torsten Bøgh Köster (Shopping24) June 4th 2015
  2. Agenda visual feature extraction with LIRE a new more like

    this handler stir and serve
  3. @tboeghk ‣CTO shopping24 internet group ‣University of Hamburg, class of

    2005 ‣search, build, delivery, code quality, road bike
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  5. Open Source Power. Delivered.

  6. search system architecture overview

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  8. visual feature extraction

  9. Visual Feature classes

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  11. more like this handler

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  13. distributed logic, many requests, problematic caching latency solr component

  14. demo time

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  16. Find us on github.com & searchbits.org

  17. Questions? @tboeghk developer.s24.com torsten.koester@s24.com