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Beyond Cloud: A road trip into AWS and back to bare metal

Beyond Cloud: A road trip into AWS and back to bare metal

Public cloud services have become a commodity asset in the past years. Shopping24 though is currently running all systems on pure bare metal. With this we’re not alone: Etsy is a popular example for choosing a classic datacenter over a cloud one. In this use case, I’ll lay out Shopping24’s move into the Amazon AWS cloud a few years back and our recent journey back into a classic datacenter. Myths about pricing, noisy neighbors and machine sizing will get busted (or approved). The bottom line for doing effective DevOps in both classic and cloud infrastructure is automatization. I’ll explain how this can be achieved with the right toolset (Ansible) and the modern server chassis and how Kubernetes came to the rescue.

Torsten Bøgh Köster

December 05, 2018

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  1. Torsten Bøgh Köster | torsten.koester@s24.com | @tboeghk | developer.s24.com Beyond

  2. @tboeghk #cto, Search Technology Meetup Hamburg, #kubernetes, #roadbike, #landscapephotography Torsten

    Bøgh Köster | torsten.koester@s24.com | @tboeghk | developer.s24.com
  3. Bester Arbeitgeber Deutschlands im Handel und Konsum laut Arbeitgeber-Ranking e-commerce

    search. 60M products. 2k images/s. 1k searches/s. 1.4k cpu. 12tb ram. 54tb images. all baremetal. Torsten Bøgh Köster | torsten.koester@s24.com | @tboeghk | developer.s24.com
  4. Open Source Power Delivered.

  5. product images @ AWS

  6. Back then

  7. (0) basics

  8. (1) evolution

  9. scaling images on the fly Internet CloudFront Edge Location Public

    ELB Image-Cache Image-Cache Internal ELB Image-Resizer Image-Resizer Resized Images Original Images
  10. welcome autoscaling Internal ELB Image Resizer Auto Scaling Image-Resizer Image-Resizer

    Image-Resizer Original Images Image Imag
  11. configuration management is a must

  12. hi kids

  13. byebye #diy. hello spot-instances Internal ELB Image Resizer c1.xlarge c4.2xlarge

    c4.2xlarge c4.2xlarge Image Resizer c3.xlarge Image Resizer c3.2xlarge Image Resizer c4.xlarge Image Resizer c1.xlarge c4.xlarge ¢ c4.xlarge ¢ c3.2xlarge ¢ c3.xlarge ¢ c1.xlarge ¢ c1.xlarge ¢ c1.xlarge ¢ c3.2xlarge ¢ c3.2xlarge ¢
  14. infrastructure as code is a plus must

  15. (2) key moments

  16. AWS as disaster backup

  17. software is not cloud-native

  18. the classic firewall is a massive bottle neck Shopping24 Data

    Center Hamburg Internet eu-west-1 VPN Gateway
  19. Die Rechnungssumme steigt

  20. do we have a vendor lock-in?

  21. None
  22. Limitierung der Services

  23. AWS migration is not „lift and shift"

  24. (3) truth or dare

  25. „all in“ @ AWS

  26. Was wenn unsere Ausgangsbasis falsch ist?

  27. A real world exampe … € 0 € 3.500 €

    7.000 € 10.500 € 14.000 Compute Store (19TB)
  28. (4) back to baremetal

  29. Automation?

  30. ... welcome to the modern server chassis

  31. Virtualization sorry, worst choice of stock footage ever "

  32. Avoid GUIs – strive for automation

  33. Kubernetes

  34. Current Kubernetes Setup

  35. next step: federated Kubernetes … search gpu ssd

  36. –Paul Maritz, CEO VMware „Cloud is about how you do

    computing, not where you do computing.“
  37. Im dritten Jahr in Folge bester Arbeitgeber Deutschlands laut Arbeitgeber-Ranking

    Thank you! Questions? @shopping24 | @tboeghk | developer.s24.com yes, we’re hiring!