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The Truth About Social Media

0b17559f020d8109f2be0a1f9e0baa36?s=47 Josh R
November 14, 2016

The Truth About Social Media

A no-nonsense guide to effectively using social media for charities and businesses.


Josh R

November 14, 2016


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    @JoshFromReason josh@reasondigital.com The truth about Social Media
  2. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Image heading We’re Reason Digital – a social

    enterprise that uses digital to make a difference. This is why we only work on projects that do social good. Who we are We’re Reason Digital – a social enterprise that uses digital to make a difference. This is why we only work on projects that do social good.
  3. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Some of our clients

  4. Our Work

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  9. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital reasondigital.com /books/fundraising/

  10. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital techforgoodlive.org @techforgoodlive

  11. Let’s be honest.

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  13. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital “Social Media is not free, not magic and

    not easy. But it does work.” US. ALL OF THE TIME
  14. Why is social important?

  15. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital (Charities Aid Foundation, 2013) 13.5% ONLINE CHARITY DONATIONS

  16. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 37% of traffic comes from Facebook. Average donation

    is £21.51 7% of traffic comes from Twitter. Average donation of £4.99.
  17. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 42% of people aged 65-and-over use the internet,

    a massive 83% of all adults in the UK 
 are now online, of whom 66% use Facebook BUT ARE OUR DONORS USING SOCIAL?
  18. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital ...the overabundance of information is both “confusing and

    harmful” to the mind. access to so much information will make people forgetful... they won’t use their memories any more. it’s exhausting children’s brains... with complex information... and their being stuck indoors is ruining their fitness it’s hurting conversation, reading and the patterns of family living
  19. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 86% of young people go online to find

    help with personal problems … Rather than asking friends or family.
  20. Who’s in the room?

  21. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Community Management Customer Service Organisation Understanding Sector Understanding

    Project Management Self Management Proactive Writing Data Analytics Journalism Social Media Knowledge Design Photography Film Editing
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  25. Objectives Targets Planning & Measurement

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  27. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital People Relationships = MONEY PEOPLE x RELATIONSHIP =

  28. WORK DOWNWARDS FROM THERE Increase Engagement Increase in Positive mentions

    Increase in events attendance Grow fan base Sharable content to reach more people Increase in article shares Ads
  29. Measure based on those targets and objectives and NOTHING ELSE!

    Increase Engagement : 10% up on target Positive Brand Mentions: 5% down on target
  30. All this is easier if you don’t silo.

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  33. You’ll need to sort your website out first.

  34. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Facebook accounts for 60% of mobile sharing. 65%

    of time spent on social networks is on mobiles. 92% of photo viewing is on mobiles.
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  37. It’s all about them.

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  42. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital SOME TOOLS CAN HELP WITH THIS Sprout social.

    Social CRM tool.
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  47. Think of your platforms as communities for people, not your


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  51. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Paid advertisement

  52. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Other people’s channels 100.000 followers 100.000 followers

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  62. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 250,000 people reached

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  64. How to get shares

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  70. PLS RT

  71. Your message will need to stand out

  72. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital What do WE want?

  73. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital What do THEY want?

  74. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 80% What they want, like or need 20%

    what you want
  75. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital

  76. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Interesting

  77. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital

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  79. Bake sale..

  80. Have a proper content strategy, not just blog and news

  81. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital “CONTENT IS KING.” Ancient Cliché

  82. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital What is the purpose of content? What is

    the audience? What will help them the most? Where will they find it? What is the most appropriate format?
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  86. Campaigns should be inherently social

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  89. Your audience can convince people more than you can

  90. TOOLS Build relationships, Give them assets, Build them tools.


  92. RECOGNISE & THANK THEM Donors who are thanked for an

    initial donation are 19% more likely to donate again. with roughly twice as big an amount.
  93. Think about your platform/ Don’t think too much about your

  94. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 1.2 billion monthly users on

  95. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 16 Million users in the UK

  96. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital unique users per month 1 billion 1 billion

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  106. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital it’s all about them Join and start conversations

    You’ll need to sort your website out first Campaigns should be inherently social Tell a story Measure and plan Empower your supporters Don’t drink and tweet Place content properly Don’t be boring
  107. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Thanks! Rajesh Joshi Head of Client Services @JoshFromReason