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The Truth about Email Marketing

0b17559f020d8109f2be0a1f9e0baa36?s=47 Josh R
March 08, 2017

The Truth about Email Marketing

A no-nonsense guide to effective email marketing for charities and businesses.


Josh R

March 08, 2017


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    @JoshFromReason josh@reasondigital.com The truth about Email Marketing
  2. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Image heading We’re Reason Digital – a social

    enterprise that uses digital to make a difference. This is why we only work on projects that do social good. Who we are We’re Reason Digital – a social enterprise that uses digital to make a difference. This is why we only work on projects that do social good.
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  4. Our Work

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  11. Who’s in the room?

  12. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 29% of online revenue was accounted for by

    email giving in 2015.
  13. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital ~$40 for every 1,000 recipients …and it’s growing,

    up 25% in 2015. fundraising by email yields
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  15. Let’s be honest.

  16. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital What does the charity want me to push

    out? What are the three latest news items? What isn’t getting any interest? What does the CEO want to say?
  17. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Who? to send to Why? is this interesting

    to anyone What? do we want to achieve When? to send it
  18. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Think about your audience

  19. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 72% of millennials prefer to give online and

    say they are most inspired to give by social media.
  20. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 66% of Gen X prefer to give online

    and say they are most often inspired by email.
  21. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 54% of Baby Boomers prefer to give online

    and also say they are most inspired by email.
  22. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Silent Generation were not reached by the study,

    but other studies show they are most likely to give in response to direct mail.
  23. Perfect your subject line

  24. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital 64% of people say they open an email

    just because of the subject line.
  25. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Oxfam One Minute. One Action. A Million Voices

    - updates.oxfam.or/c/1v8TJGH 11:30 am Example Foundation Example Foundation weekly newsletter March 2016 - To view this email i 10:30 am MCC Council Payment Receipt - Thank you for your recent payment. This is an automate 10:30 am easyJet 20 New routes for you to choose from - at bargin prices - Discover 20 new r Apr 16 Inbox
  26. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Inbox

  27. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Try adding ‘you’ Showcase the value right away

    Try something seasonal or topical Add a sense of urgency Make them feel something Try social proof Add personality, fun or curiosity Don’t call it a newsletter Don’t be too clever - be descriptive
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  29. Open rate isn’t the end game, we want clicks. Have

    a clear, single
 Call to Action
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  38. Make it work on mobile

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  42. Personalise and Segment

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  44. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Supporters mailing list Commissioners mailing list

  45. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Audience group By interest By engagement Segment by..

  46. Experiment, Measure, Repeat.

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  50. Build a relationship with your email subscribers

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  52. Grow your list

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  54. Get other people to do it

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  57. Recap

  58. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Write concise, friendly copy in your readers words.

    Show them something interesting or useful. Consider what you want, who it’s for, why it would interest them and when is the best time to send. Don’t automatically stuff everything into a “newsletter” unless it’s the best tool for the job. Don’t send everything to everyone and hope they read the right thing. Segment your lists. Be action focused by using active language and including clear calls to action.
  59. www.reasondigital.com @reasondigital Thanks! Rajesh Joshi Head of Client Services @JoshFromReason

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