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Conquering Continuous Integration & Deployment

Conquering Continuous Integration & Deployment

Continuous Integration is becoming an important part of the development process. However, to some, the how and why are still a bit fuzzy. This session talks about the natural progression of a development team and how each important piece of the development process can be automated via Continuous Integration & Deployment. I will also walk through an example WordPress project using Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment that implements Sass Compilation, Automated Testing & Deployment to a Server. Attend. Absorb. And you too can conquer.

Tessa Kriesel

March 09, 2018

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  1. “There is no single continuous integration and continuous delivery that

    will work for everyone. You are essentially trying to automate your company’s culture using bash scripts. - Kelsey Hightower
  2. DAILY TASKS ‣ Write some code ‣ Compile some Sass

    ‣ Minify some Javascript ‣ Complete code reviews ‣ Internal testing or quality assurance (QA) ‣ Deploy to staging servers ‣ Communicate with your team ‣ Following procedures @tessak22
  3. BUILD STEPS ‣ Setup our containers ‣ Install dependencies ‣

    Complete task runners ‣ Run automated tests ‣ Behat ‣ Coding Standards ‣ Visual Regression ‣ Deploy to staging or test
  4. WHAT NOW? 1. Write down the steps to create a

    new project 2. Highlight any problem areas 3. Automate at least one item from step 1 4. Automate at least one of the problem areas @tessak22