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Using an iPad Pro for Development

Tessa Kriesel
September 26, 2017

Using an iPad Pro for Development

Although my MacBook isn’t overly heavy, it still adds additional weight to my backpack and I pack enough other stuff the way it is. Ever since the 12.9” iPad was released, I was determined to make it work for everything I would need to do while I was traveling to help lighten the weight of my backpack. That meant having everything I needed to make a quick hotfix or code change to a website project.
After some timely research, and possibly wasted app purchases, I was able to accomplish almost everything I wanted to do on an iPad and travel without my MacBook. I will do a live demo of various developer tasks and apps that help you accomplish them.

Tessa Kriesel

September 26, 2017

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  1. Size & Weight Cost (compared to MacBook Pro) Speed GPS

    Battery Life Cellular Data Availability Media Streaming / Ereader Drawing & Taking Notes iPAD PRO PERKS
  2. MANAGED HOSTING Pantheon Clone Repo in Working Copy Edit code

    in Textastic Push code via Git to Pantheon View my multidev site
  3. Git + SSH Use Working Copy to clone Textastic to

    make code changes Push changes in Working Copy Prompt to SSH into server
  4. Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment Create repo Github Setup CircleCI

    Clone repo in Working Copy Edit code in Textastic Push up code in Working Copy Let CircleCI do the rest! CircleCI or Travis
  5. Limited Command Line options Some apps are not meant for

    heavy work Only one port with no USB connectivity Mobile website versions by default Lack of some file support like SVG or CSV. App limitation - must get from app store Cost of apps THINGS TO CONSIDER
  6. JOIN US FOR CONTRIBUTION SPRINT Friday, September 29, 2017 First

    time Sprinter Workshop Mentored Core Spint General sprint 9:00-12:00 Room: Lehgar 1 - Lehar 2 9:00-12:00 Room: Stolz 2 9:00-12:00 Room: Mall #drupalsprints
  7. WHAT DID YOU THINK? Locate this session at the DrupalCon

    Vienna website: http://vienna2017.drupal.org/schedule Leave me feedback http://tessakriesel.com/feedback