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End-to-End Testing for the Modern Web

End-to-End Testing for the Modern Web

Revolution Conf '19

Tim Griesser

June 07, 2019

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  1. The Testing Pyramid UI / E2E Integration / Services Unit

    Tests Cheapest, Developers Like These
  2. The Testing Pyramid UI / E2E Integration / Services Unit

    Tests Real World, Most Valuable More Expensive
  3. is an approach to software testing and system testing in

    which testing is performed earlier in the lifecycle (i.e., moved left on the project timeline). It is the first half of the maxim "Test early and often.” “Shift-Left”
  4. Why Cypress? • Open Source, MIT Licensed • Runs in

    a variety of CI providers • Batteries included: Mocha + Chai + Sinon • Excellent documentation, examples • User experience • Simple download, or npm install cypress
  5. Cypress: Built for the Modern Web • Listens and Responds

    to your application’s events • Knows when XHR’s are sent/received • Allows you to access the DOM directly • Time Travels through previous commands • Readable error messages • Handles async, write code declaratively
  6. Cypress Dashboard • Intelligent parallelism of tests, balances based on

    historical run times • Records artifacts, screenshots, recordings of the tests in CI • Free for Open Source Projects