Git for Humans

1bfe6de16e4fe42e646ea405775581c0?s=47 Tom Ashworth
January 08, 2013

Git for Humans

aka "A clever developer explains Git to stupid UX idiots."

A conceptual overview to help you out when you need to get your head round using Git. I recorded a slightly longer version of this talk and stuck it on YouTube:


Tom Ashworth

January 08, 2013


  1. git (for humans) a talk about

  2. files. (.psd, .graffle, .md, .txt, .jpg, .dmg, .exe, .kitten...) git

    looks after your
  3. versions of your files. more specifically,

  4. history. (save as you progress, and get back to it

    easily) it stores your
  5. A a file

  6. A A2

  7. A A2 A3

  8. A4 A A2 A3 B B2

  9. A A2-b A3 B A4 B2 B2-a A4-b Y1-a Y2-final

    Z Z-wut
  10. dashboard-wires-23- f-approved-final- amends-12.psd

  11. C1 a snapshot

  12. concepts important git (in pink)

  13. local copy of a project. you work on a

  14. project A B C

  15. project A B C git

  16. A B C A B C A B C

  17. clone it to your computer. know an existing project?

  18. commit your change...

  19. branch. the current

  20. checkout another branch.

  21. pull other’s changes...

  22. push ...and then your work to a...

  23. remote server, for others to use.

  24. C1 a commit “First sketches.”

  25. C1 C2 “Wireframes”

  26. C4 C1 C2 C3

  27. C4 C1 C2 C3 C5 a branch a branch

  28. C4 C1 C2 C3 C5

  29. gitbox. (Git GUI tool)

  30. gitx. (another GUI tool)

  31. github. (their app for OS X & Windows)

  32. tower (top notch tool – I learnt from it)

  33. > terminal

  34. None
  35. None
  36. links useful


  38. @phuunet

  39. git (for humans) the end of a talk about