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Top Tier Remote

Top Tier Remote

This is the 3rd presentation of the remote trilogy, in this one the gloves are off, we talk about Top Tier Remote, the what, the how, the how much and the when.

Thanos Polychronakis

December 21, 2016

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  1. Hi, I'm Thanasis Working remotely for > 4y co-founder co-organizer

    Founder of SKGTech DEVit netscan.co Currently working at waldo.photos
  2. 3 of 3 in remote series 1st: Youtube: " "

    2nd: "Getting serious with remote" thanpolas howto freelance https://speakerdeck.com/thanpolas
  3. Today's Menu Prerequisites for Top Tier Where to find top

    gigs How to get top gigs Monetary deals How to deal in stock
  4. Office experience required At least 2 years of office experience

    Optimally 5+ years of office experience Good understanding of office mechanics Developed work ethics Discipline and focus Prerequisites for Top Tier
  5. Remote is not for everyone The social factor The timing

    factor Communication Self driven Ability to sell yourself Prerequisites for Top Tier
  6. About you Personal website Links to all your digital existence

    Blog is a big plus Showcase your work and experience Technical / Social Proof Github / SO / Projects / Linkedin Twitter / Facebook / Talks High degree of specialty Prerequisites for Top Tier
  7. Living on the edge “ Top Tier requires nothing less

    than the best of you; it is championship grade, life-long training. Prerequisites for Top Tier Strive to be amongst the 1,000 world's best in your domain of expertise
  8. It takes a while How to get top gigs “

    The bigger your skillset and the more expertise you have, the harder it gets to find the right fit
  9. Know what you want How to get top gigs Job

    security Next level tech Leading role Ground up building Multiple part time gigs ... but be pragmatic with what you can
  10. Enjoy it How to get top gigs Take the time

    to find the right job for you Each interview is a learning experience Train yourself to read behind the job ad
  11. Be Industrious How to get top gigs Check job boards

    daily Keep track of which companies you contact Keep full minutes & notes of your interviews Let your network know you are in the lookout
  12. On bootcamps and exercises How to get top gigs It's

    an acquired skill Train yourself Time restrictions forces you to unlearn what you know Avoid doing them up front Ensure your time is not wasted 9 out of 10 are bullshit, don't feel bad
  13. Questions you should ask How to get top gigs Funding

    status Ratio between remote / local workers How the company will use remote workers Workflow and methodologies used Short and Long term hiring plans
  14. How much to charge hourly? Monetary Deals Required hours per

    week Required total hours (project based vs ongoing) Level of expertise required Urgency of job
  15. Contract vs Employee Monetary Deals Contract Higher Pay Your insurance

    Your equipment Off / sick days are unpaid Vacations unpaid Maintain your own company Employee Lesser Pay Company's insurance Company's equipment Off / sick days are paid Vacations paid Self-improvement budget No personal company Exclusiveness Company perks Travel Gym, hackathons...
  16. NOT OK to sign Monetary Deals NDA with monetary penalties

    Exclusive Agreements Rights to work you produce off the clock Non compete ...not without monetary equivalent
  17. Two types of agreements How to deal in stock Stock

    Options Gives you the option to buy company stock at a reduced price. Restricted Stock Agreement (RSA) This is essentially founder stock that is directly vested over time.
  18. When to use which How to deal in stock Stock

    Options Post Series-A. Restricted Stock Agreement (RSA) Early on, up to employee No 5, give or take.
  19. Percentages for RSA How to deal in stock 3% to

    5% for first hire / CTO 0.5% to 2% employees 2 to 4 0.1% to 0.5% onwards
  20. Percentages for Stock Options How to deal in stock Percentages

    don't apply much BUT, to figure out, ask how many stocks issued in total Ask company valuation from last round and compare stock purchase price
  21. Things to check for both cases How to deal in

    stock Single / Double trigger provisions Vesting plan 4 years is standard, 3 optimal Vesting intervals (quarter vs month) Cliffs Typical is 1y but in contracting you can do way less ... a lawyer would scream, surely there are more
  22. Why deal in stock How to deal in stock Stock's

    primary purpose is to provide incentives for you to stick around and be more engaged with the company. If you reduce your price for stock then this is an investment that you make.
  23. Summary Stay on top of your game Be persistent and

    industrious Know your market value Know how to work with stock Enjoy life