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Getting Serious with remote

Getting Serious with remote

How to better position yourself in the remote work force

Thanos Polychronakis

June 23, 2015

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  1. Work Marketplaces Work Marketplaces They connect us to a world

    of job offerings They connect us to a world of job offerings Customers Marketplace Remote Worker
  2. Work Marketplaces Work Marketplaces How they work How they work

    1. A Customer posts a job 2. Freelancers make bids (pitch & price) 3. Customer makes a shortlist 4. Customer interviews you 5. Customer selects you 6. You deliver the job 7. You get paid
  3. Work Marketplaces Work Marketplaces How they work How they work

    Marketplace keeps a small fee You get a review Better do a good job! Transaction is guaranteed for both parties
  4. Work Marketplaces Work Marketplaces Pros and Cons Pros and Cons

    Pros Pros Safe environment Huge Market Easy usage Best when starting Cons Cons The Fees Big Competition Easy to enter Platform lock
  5. Remote work is ... work! Remote work is ... work!

    Be serious about it It's a career You are building a brand Your brand!
  6. Getting Started is Tough Getting Started is Tough You start

    at the lowest tier Lots of burger flipping Lots of small jobs You charge for 1 hour and work 3 Get's better after 6-12 months The point is to discover what you're good at and understand how the market works
  7. How to Start How to Start Be Industrious Be Industrious

    Dedicate time to find work 50+ bids / week (~6h work) Multiple Marketplaces Try different pitches ​Save and reuse pitches
  8. How to Pitch How to Pitch Start with a personal

    message about the job Explain why you are the best candidate for the job Talk a little bit about yourself (1 paragraph) [Opt] Provide any previous work samples Close with your contact details and an actionable “ My Skype id is 'thanpolas' I would be delighted if we could arrange for a time to talk
  9. Tools of the Trade Tools of the Trade Gmail ​gmail

    matters, calendar, Gdrive, etc Skype ​Communication Dropbox / Google Drive ​Collaboration (file sharing services) ​Paypal ​Get paid
  10. Hourly vs Fixed Hourly vs Fixed Always prefer Hourly Hourly

    can easily extend Fixed price is easier for customer to understand With Fixed price someone always looses Two ways to charge: Per Hour (Hourly) Per Project (Fixed)
  11. Rates Rates We always talk in USD Entry VA $3

    $1 - $3 Expert VA $5 $4 - $7 Specialist $10 $8+ ...per hour
  12. Rates Rates Monthly income assuming 30hours / week Entry VA

    $3 ~320€ Expert VA $5 ~500€ Specialist $10 ~1.000€ ...per month
  13. Etiquette Etiquette Never directly ask to get paid Protect your

    work (when possible) Credit as much as you can lose You can ask to get paid on time Getting paid on time is the token of appreciation for your timely and hard work
  14. DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER I am not an accountant, this is not

    accounting advice! This is just my experience. Please consult with an accountant before you make any move
  15. No need to start a business No need to start

    a business Up to 10.000€ / year Article 51 §6 Ν. 4172/2013
  16. Starting a Business in Starting a Business in Greece Greece

    Don't do it Costs too much to start Costs too much to maintain Taxes and healthcare are extreme (55%+)
  17. Starting in Greece Starting in Greece Start Up Costs Start

    Up Costs ~500€ to Setup Start a personal business Declare your house as office If on rent requires special authorization by owner
  18. Starting in Greece Starting in Greece Upkeep Costs Upkeep Costs

    ~300€ yearly upkeep by accountant 2.700€ yearly for healthcare 26% Tax 55% of Tax Advance Payment 2% Solidarity Tax
  19. Starting in Greece Starting in Greece Let's lol together Let's

    lol together 10.000€ Income - 2.700€ HealthCare = 7.300€ Pre Taxes * 26% Tax: -1.898€ * 55% of Tax: -1.043€ * 2% Solidarity: -146€ = 4.213€ Net Income (58% in taxes & healthcare) 20.000€ Income - 2.700€ HealthCare = 17.300€ Pre Taxes * 26% Tax: -4.498€ * 55% of Tax: -2.473€ * 2% Solidarity: -346€ = 9.983€ Net Income (51% in taxes & healthcare)
  20. Paypal Paypal The Internet Bank The Internet Bank It's not

    really a bank... Requires a Bank Account and a Credit / Debit Card You can withdraw money to your bank Limitations apply if unverified Can verify relatively easy ​You can pay directly from Paypal ​https://euros.gr
  21. Start Up Abroad Start Up Abroad As Service Providers that's

    easy and convenient Small tax Initial and upkeep costs can be significant But lower taxes make up for it Consider it for income that exceed 20k / year