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Severless PB&J

Severless PB&J

From Functions-as-a-Service to Backend-as-a-Service, even Big Data-as-a-Service, Serverless is taking many different shapes. Learn what these mean and how Google Cloud Platform is building technology to make sure there's nothing standing between you and running your code. You'll see live demos of integration between Firebase, Cloud Functions, and more to build autoscaling apps in record time - all without managing servers or application runtimes.

Sandeep Dinesh

August 25, 2017

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  1. @sandeepdinesh Deploy from... Cloud Console UI $ gcloud functions deploy

    myFunc \ --stage-bucket functions-src \ --trigger-http Command line ◦ ◦
  2. @sandeepdinesh Hello, HTTP! Write a serverless backend with just a

    few lines of code: • • • • // This should look familiar... exports.hello = functions((req, res) => { res.status(200).send(‘Howdy Serverless fans!’); }); Howdy, Serverless fans!
  3. @sandeepdinesh Function better with Firebase... Cloud Storage (incl. Firebase) Cloud

    Pub/Sub HTTPS Stackdriver Logs Firebase Realtime Database Firebase Authentication Firebase Analytics Firebase Hosting
  4. @sandeepdinesh • Store and serve user-generated content like images, audio,

    and video directly in your mobile app, using the Firebase SDKs. • Resumable uploads and downloads are resilient to changes in network connectivity. • All data is accessible from the Cloud Storage APIs.
  5. @sandeepdinesh • Enables synced data across connected devices in milliseconds

    to power realtime experiences in your app. • Available when your app goes offline. • Built on a cloud-hosted NoSQL JSON data structure.
  6. @sandeepdinesh • Use FCM APIs to build powerful programmatic messaging

    systems across Android, iOS, and the web. • Easily manage notification campaigns. Schedule and send messages to engage the right users at the most relevant time. • Target your users with Firebase Analytics audiences.
  7. @sandeepdinesh • CDN-backed and SSL-enabled static hosting, optimized for SPAs

    and PWAs • Add your own custom domain for the low price of $0 • Dynamic content with the help of Cloud Functions
  8. 24 # deploy your whole app: website, functions, db/storage rules

    $ firebase deploy ... # yeah, seriously, that's it Deploying your app with Firebase