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Major League Hacking Opening Ceremony - 2017 Season

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January 21, 2017

Major League Hacking Opening Ceremony - 2017 Season

This is the deck I use during opening ceremonies at Major League Hacking events during the 2017 Season.



January 21, 2017


  1. None
  2. Everything You Need to Know: bit.ly/mlh_loves_hackers

  3. Hey! I’m Swift from Major League Hacking! Like Us on

    Facebook fb.com/MajorLeagueHacking Follow Us on Twitter @MLHacks
  4. What is
 Major League Hacking?

  5. The Official
 Student Hackathon League.

  6. 65,000+ Student Hackers
 Just like You!

  7. You’re Earning
 Points for Your School.

  8. Best Way to Earn Points?
 Bring Your Friends!

  9. Thanks to Our Flagship Partners!

  10. What is MLH Doing
 This Weekend?

  11. Take a Break from Hacking
 for a Fun Mini-Event!

  12. Relax at Our
 Alienware Gaming Lounge!

  13. Take Photos at the
 Photo Booth!

  14. Grab Devices from the
 MLH Hardware Lab!

  15. Dell and Alienware Hardware! XPS Laptop X51 Tower Inspiron Laptop

    Dell Monitors Alienware Laptop
  16. All This & So Much More! hardware.mlh.io

  17. Get $100 in AWS Hosting Credit!

  18. Get a FREE Domain (.com, .net, .org)!

  19. Snag the GitHub Student Developer Pack!

  20. Draw an Octocat, Win an Octocat! To Enter, Tweet at

    @GitHubEducation #MyOctocat #EventHashTag
  21. Help Us #HackHarassment!
 hackp.ac/harassment Sign the Pledge & Find Me

    for a Super SECRET Swag Item!
  22. We Also Brought Prizes! Top Teams
 MLH powered by Dell

    | Windows Medals. MLH Best Domain.com Domain
 Domain.com Swag Bags & Goodies. DDC Best use of Amazon Web Services
 $250 in AWS Credit for Each Team Member. AWS Best Hack Against Online Harassment
 Hack Harassment Power Banks. HH
  23. Help yourself to a FREE bottle of Soylent! Draw on

    the bottle to win a month's supply! To enter, tweet at
 @Soylent #SoylentCanvas #EventHashTag
  24. Show off your hack to get an
 “I Demoed” sticker!

  25. Collect Your Official
 2017 Season T-Shirt!

  26. On a Serious Note...

  27. mlh.io/code-of-conduct MLH Hackathons are a Safe Space
 for Everyone. Email:

    incidents@mlh.io Phone: +1 (409) 202-6060
  28. Thanks Again to All Our Partners...

  29. Everything You Need to Know: bit.ly/mlh_loves_hackers