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50 shades of Dev Practices

September 30, 2021

50 shades of Dev Practices

More than twenty years ago, Extreme Programming (XP) emerged with development practices such as Pair Programming, TDD or Refactoring, which are at the heart of the method.

That was more than 2 decades ago...
Since then, new practices have emerged that allow development teams to be even more efficient.

What would XP look like in 2021 if we had to update it?

During the session we will all have the opportunity to share practices we would like to add to our dev toolbox.


September 30, 2021

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  1. @yot88 50 shades of Dev Practices

  2. Who am I ? Technical Agile coach, Software craftsman I’m

    Yoan THIRION (freelance) • design software since more than 12 years • fundamental to succeed in that area : agility and technical excellence • help teams deliver well crafted software • implementation of agile and technical practices (eXtreme programming, Refactoring, DDD, Mob programming, …) Let’s connect My services https://www.yoan-thirion.com/ Technical agile coaching Communities of practice Cultural change devops Brown bags Serious games
  3. @yot88 miro https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lX9CWeM=/

  4. @yot88 Accelerate • Effective development matters for organizational success •

    You can measure development organizations effectiveness objectively • Particular behaviors and technical practice drive better metrics Type Metric Elite Low THROUGHPUT Deployment Frequency Multiple per day 1 - 6 months Lead Time for Changes Less than 1 day 1 - 6 months STABILITY Mean Time to Restore Less than 1 hour 1 - 4 weeks Change Failure Rate 0 - 15 % 46 - 60 %
  5. Accelerate Capabilities Continuous Delivery (8) Architecture (2) Product & Process

    (4) Lean Management & Monitoring (5) Cultural (5) Metrics Success
  6. @yot88 Accelerate results Continuous Delivery (CD) Automated deployment Continuous Integration

    (CI) Continuous Testing Loosely-Coupled Architecture Automated security Database agility Less Burnout Less Deployment Pain Reach Organizational Goals Technical Practices https://cloudplatformonline.com/2018-state-of-devops.html
  7. @yot88 Accelerate results Continuous Delivery (CD) Automated deployment Continuous Integration

    (CI) Continuous Testing Loosely-Coupled Architecture Trunk-Based Development Monitoring & Observability Less Burnout Less Deployment Pain Reach Organizational Goals
  8. @yot88 How does this relate to XP?

  9. @yot88 eXtreme programming Agile method 95 / 96 Mainly Kent

    beck 5 values Engineering practices Feedback loops
  10. @yot88 eXtreme programming 5 values Communication Courage Feedback Respect Simplicity

    Agile Methodfrom 95 / 96 Associated practices Feedback loops
  11. @yot88 XP : an inspiration https://www.linkedin.com/posts/maurostrione_scrum-agile-devops-activity-6650103984235298819-Zb5a

  12. Xp and Accelerate Source : https://www.slideshare.net/OCTOTechnology/accelerate-la-vitesse-conditionne-lexcellence Coding Standard Refactoring Continuous

    Integration Test Driven Development Pair Programming Customer Tests Planning game Small Releases Metaphor Simple Design Whole team Collective ownership Sustainable pace
  13. @yot88 What would we add in 2021? Probably some technical

  14. @yot88 Mob programming • strengthen collective ownership / alignment •

    share knowledge • learn together
  15. @yot88 approval testing • Also called : Characterization Tests OR

    Snapshot Tests or Golden Master • outputs that need human approval to say whether the functionality is implemented as expected https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/code-katas/gilded-rose-approval-testing Less assertions/ less tests Must have to work on legacy code An asset for tdd Scrubbers : convert the non-deterministic text to something stable. Ex : Guid, Dates, …
  16. @yot88 Property-based testing • identify and test invariants / properties

    • something that will always be true, no matter what data you provide to your algorithm for all (x, y, ...) such that property (x, y, ...) is satisfied https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/code-katas/improve-your-software-quality-with-property-based-testing Given (x, y, ...) When I [call the subject under test] with (x, y, ...) Then I expect this (output) Example-based property-based
  17. @yot88 Mikado • break down refactoring tasks into smaller ones

    • the code is almost NEVER in an unstable state. https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/code-katas/mikado-method https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/code-katas/refactoring-journey-kata
  18. @yot88 Domain driven design • A development approach • strategic

    and Tactical patterns TACTICAL STRATEGIC https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-architecture/ddd-re-distilled
  19. @yot88 Consumer driven contract • Améliorer le design et le

    testing de vos micro-services • Approche de testing orientée “consumer” / Contrat • Éviter les problèmes d’intégration • Valider constamment que nos services sont en capacité de se comprendre https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/testing/improve-the-design-and- testing-of-your-micro-services-through-consumer-driven-contract-tests
  20. @yot88 CODE analysis Static + behavioral Don’t wait the end

    of your projects to use them Start from the beginning https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/software-design-x-rays/workshop Hotspot analysis Code coupling Knowledge diffusion System Health
  21. @yot88 mutation testing A technique to gauge the quality of

    our tests • Generate mutants • Launch tests • Check result / Generate report https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/testing/mutation-testing
  22. Design sessions 1) Open a new item 2) Agree on

    item’s definition 3) Align on flows to implement 4) Write the code Skeleton Pojos Domains Contracts, … todos agree on the naming / parameters / contracts 5) part or whole team works on the implementation Whole team or Puzzle Driven Development https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/practices/design-sessions
  23. @yot88 • capture architectural decisions to understand why and their

    consequences • log the elements that justified a decision Architecture decision records
  24. @yot88 Tech radar • One source of truth: what should/may

    be used • Organize your technology watch https://github.com/ythirion/tech-radar-hugo
  25. co-design architecture sécu ops tech leads / dev experts porteur

    de la vision technique techradar Co-designs co-construit diffuse participe / propose participe / propose participe / propose participe / propose alimente knowledge base adr matérialisée par Solution design https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/software-craftsmanship/practices/co-designs
  26. @yot88 And many others… • CQRS / Event sourcing •

    Consumer driven contract testing • 12 Factor apps • Functional programming paradigms • Functional core imperative shell • … https://www.thoughtworks.com/radar • Togaf • Enterprise Integration patterns • Micro-services • ATDD / BDD • Cloud computing • …
  27. @yot88 Technique but not only... What do we need to

    live well as a team?
  28. @yot88 Soft skills / communication • To live well as

    a team • Understand each other nvc Give / receive feedback NLP
  29. @yot88 Facilitation (interactions, workshops) events (retrospectives, stand-ups, …) Event storming,

    story mapping, break silos / alignment Liberating structures 7 P Canvas
  30. @yot88 leadership Host leadership https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/leadership/learn-leadership-from-the-navy-seals

  31. @yot88 Coaching / Teaching Solution focus

  32. @yot88 To sum up

  33. @yot88 DDD / CQRS / ES Clean Architecture 12 Factor

    apps Functional core imperative shell Togaf Enterprise Integration patterns Micro-services … Approches de test : tdd (classic / outside-in), pbt, mutation, Approval, … cdc Clean Code Techniques de refactoring Mob programming Functional programming … Leadership (M3.0, extreme ownership, host leadership…) Facilitation (event storming, story mapping, liberating structures, …) Coaching (grow, solution focus, …) Teaching (training from the back of the room) Communication (CNV, PNl, …) …
  34. Continuous learning

  35. @yot88 Continuous learning… how ?

  36. @yot88 Continuous learning

  37. @yot88 Community of practices • connect people / break down

    silos • share knowledge • learn together • solve problems (collective intelligence) https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/agile-coaching/how-to-run-a-community-of-practices-cop
  38. @yot88 Learning hours / mentoring Code katas Deliberate practice M.E.N.T.O.R

    model Mission Engagement Networking Trust Opportunity Review / Renewal
  39. @yot88 xtrem(s) • stimulate collective intelligence with o Reading o

    Tech watch • share passions / knowledge • Learning as a group Tools to become a learning organization XTREM Watch XTREM reading
  40. @yot88 Conferences / meetups • Learn from others • Stay

    up-to-date With covid a lot of online events On any topics, from anywhere
  41. @yot88 Technical Coaching Help teams grow Learning hours, code katas,

    pair programming, mob programming, agile, coaching, … https://philippe.bourgau.net/the-story-about-how-we-do-agile-technical-coaching/
  42. – Allan Kelly Implement what makes sense in your context:

    experiment / learn "create your own process, don’t follow someone else’s prescription.” - allan kelly
  43. I learned a lot, but it doesn't apply to me

    I have learned a lot And I can apply it Level of knowledge acquired Applicability of this knowledge I didn't learn much And it doesn't apply to me I can apply what little I have learned
  44. merci Technical Agile coach, Software craftsman On reste connecté https://www.yoan-thirion.com/

    https://www.yoan-thirion.com/files/brown-bag-offer.pdf Mes brown bags