Unifying Agile and UX with Live Style Guides

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January 26, 2012

Unifying Agile and UX with Live Style Guides

One of the many emergent Agile UX tools enabling teams to more effectively design while building is the Live Style Guide.

It's a great example of applying Agile thinking to UX practice. Here, instead of documenting UI patterns in a traditional static document, the style guide is built using the actual production technology, making it a living and continuously evolving bridge between design and development.

During this session, members of Case Commons, Pivotal Labs, and Efficiency 2.0 will demo implementations of this technique, discuss practical considerations, and compare and contrast their various approaches. We'll follow their presentation with a panel-style Q&A.

Grant Hutchins - www.nertzy.com
Andrew Cramer - www.casecommons.org
Steve Berry - www.thoughtmerchants.com

Agile UX Meet-up: www.meetup.com/Agile-Experience-Design/



January 26, 2012