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Theory of Graphical Perception

December 05, 2015

Theory of Graphical Perception

視覺化分享會論文分享「Graphical Perception: Theory, Experimentation, and Application to the Development of Graphical Methods ( William S. Cleverland )」


December 05, 2015

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  1. Theory of Graphical Perception
    the “Visual Encoding”
    Kirby Wu

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  2. Graphical Methods for Data Analysis and Presentation
    Data Visualization
    needs a scientific foundation

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  3. “Every mature science has been able to
    identify its basic elements 

    and to explain its phenomena as the known
    interaction between these elements”
    Julesz, 1981
    thus we can organise knowledge and predict behaviour

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  5. elementary perceptual tasks

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  6. sample distribution function plot

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  14. Juxtaposed Cartesian Graphs

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  17. Position
    Position ( unaligned )
    length / direction / angle
    volume / curvature
    shading / saturation

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  19. unaligned > length
    Weber’s Law

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  20. p = kab
    Stevens 1975, power law of theoretical psychophysics
    perceived magnitude actual magnitude
    Baird 1970 b = 1 b < 1 (b’) b < b’
    length area volume

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  23. Redesign of
    Often-Used Charts

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  24. Pie, Stack and Group Bar Chart

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  25. Pie, Stack and Group Bar Chart

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  26. Curve Difference Chart

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  27. Curve Difference Chart

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  28. Statistics Map
    1. Area Bias
    2. Grouping

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  32. Curve Difference Chart

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  33. triple scatter plot vs framed rectangle graph
    area vs framed rect vs length

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  34. elementary perceptual tasks

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