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Building Your Elearning Portfolio: It's Easier Than You Think

Mike Taylor
November 13, 2021

Building Your Elearning Portfolio: It's Easier Than You Think

Standard resumes and cover letters are no longer sufficient if you want to stand out from the crowd. Having a good portfolio has always been important for freelancers, but it’s quickly becoming a must-have for anyone in e-learning who hopes to snag the best opportunities that come along, inside your organization or out. Having a portfolio is a great way to showcase your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and personality. Creating a great looking e-learning portfolio is easier than you think. With more options than ever before, anyone can build an e-learning portfolio that looks like a million bucks.

RELATED RESOURCES: http://bit.ly/portfolio-resources

Mike Taylor

November 13, 2021

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  1. Building Your E-Learning Portfolio It’s Easier Than You Think Mike

    Taylor mike-taylor.org
  2. Mike Taylor Eternally curious | Honorary Canadian Exploring the intersection

    of learning, technology & social media mike-taylor.org tmiket
  3. mike-taylor.org Format Shape » Fill » File…or Clipboard

  4. Links & Resources bit.ly/portfolio-resources

  5. Why Should You Have a Portfolio?

  6. Be prepared!

  7. Highlight your best work & personal achievements

  8. ATTRACT clients/employers

  9. Prove you can do what your resume says

  10. Show vs Tell

  11. Who Would You Hire?

  12. 98% Recruiters search candidates online Microsoft study

  13. None
  14. % Negative Results Denver Post

  15. What will they find for you?

  16. What to Include Variety of Deliverables Show the Process Up-to-date

    & relevant Think like a marketer
  17. Range of Skills Instructional Design Graphic Design Project Mgt, Writing,

    etc Technology & Tools
  18. Your Contact Info!!! Email Signature | LinkedIn | Social Media

    | Everywhere
  19. Common Roadblocks & Simple Solutions

  20. Proprietary Content ASK! Choose carefully Scrub screen shots Show the

    process (Blog it!)
  21. Not Enough Shareable Work Articulate Weekly Challenge Volunteer Projects Create

    Your Own Do a Makeover
  22. None
  23. Software you use Local organizations Volunteer

  24. Volunteer

  25. Getting Your Stuff Online

  26. Web Hosting for Courses Articulate Tempshare Google Cloud Amazon S3

    SCORM Cloud
  27. None
  28. None
  29. Functions as an LMS 100mb

  30. tempshare.articulate.com

  31. BE ACTIVE!

  32. 10x

  33. Get active. Stay active! Try the 3-2-1 strategy at least

    twice a week. 2x per week 3 LIKES Like at least three updates. 2 COMMENTS Add a comment to at least two items in your news feed. 1 SHARE Share at least one article or update.
  34. None
  35. None
  36. Make It Visual!

  37. Display anything that can be linked to or uploaded images

  38. Header image Contact info Portfolio Items

  39. Visual content Visual content Visual content

  40. Recommendations Endorsements

  41. What does this tell you?

  42. What does this tell you?

  43. Who has the advantage?

  44. Landing Page

  45. You need it when?!

  46. ✓ Online business card ✓ Create a free site in

    minutes ✓ Unite existing online presence
  47. about.me

  48. Name Plate/Landing Page

  49. None
  50. None
  51. https://www.strikingly.com/online-resume/linkedin

  52. Portfolio Sites

  53. Portfolio Sites Predefined Layouts Images, text & links Bio &

    Contact Info Watch for limitations & ads
  54. Journoportfolio

  55. Adobe Portfolio

  56. Krop

  57. Website Builders

  58. Website Builders Balance ease & flexibility No HTML coding *No

    course hosting
  59. Carrd

  60. Wix

  61. Google Sites

  62. WordPress

  63. Wordpress Simple images & links

  64. Wordpress

  65. DIY & Others

  66. Articulate Storyline https://articulate-heroes.s3.amazonaws.com/stories/elearning-examples/Weekly-Challenge/29-ElearningDesigners/SimplePortfolio/story.html

  67. Articulate Rise

  68. None
  69. None
  70. Top Tips

  71. Take Notes & Keep Track

  72. Top Tips Get a domain name Set up content hosting

    Leverage Social Media (LinkedIn)
  73. Start Now!

  74. Links & Resources bit.ly/portfolio-resources

  75. Q&A http://bit.ly/elcportfolios Get supporting links & resources at: