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The Top Marketing Tools Nobody in L&D Knows – But Should!

Mike Taylor
October 26, 2022

The Top Marketing Tools Nobody in L&D Knows – But Should!

Often in the L&D world, success or failure can hinge on how well you’re able to navigate the challenge of finding the right tools for the job. If you’re smart, you don’t limit yourself to only “learning” tools. There are literally thousands of marketing tools you can “steal” for your L&D needs.

In this session you’ll learn about some top marketing tools and how they can help you create more engaging content easier and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. Marketers are no better than us, but they’ve often got better tools that help them make more dynamic, impactful content. We will start this session by learning about what our marketing friends use to craft attention-grabbing headlines and the amazing copy that lives behind them. During a fun exercise you get to write your own headline and compete for the most points for the best one.

Dealing with content every day also means the burden of managing that content and getting useful data out of it. We’ll share a collection of marketing tools you can use to upgrade your L&D programs from content to managing data and more. Next, we will show you how to create impactful professional videos, interactive websites, and adaptive learning campaigns with marketing tools like Canva, MailerLite, Mindstamp, and more. You’ll see how easy marketing tools can make learning campaigns that adapt to provide unique content based on the actions of the learners. These will really up your L&D game. And everyone wants to be more efficient, right? You’ll learn about some tools that help marketers be the masters of automation so they can cut out the grunt work and allow you to focus on more important things. The best part is, many of these tools are free and you will be able to start using them immediately.

Mike Taylor

October 26, 2022

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  1. Enter your new title at headlines.sharethrough.com to get your 'headline

    score' Proper Lifting Techniques Information Privacy Sexual Harassment Prevention Recruiting a New Employee Rewrite one of these titles
  2. 8 of 10 Read Headline 2 of 10 Read the

    Rest Titles/Headlines Are Important
  3. Write great headlines and you’ll have successfully invested 80% of

    your money. David Ogilvy "Father of Advertising"
  4. The human mind does not run on logic any more

    than a horse runs on petrol. Rory Sutherland Vice Chairman at Ogilvy UK
  5. The first second with your content might matter more than

    all the seconds that follow... ...if there are any!
  6. Human Experiance Human Experience Experience should be bottom-up and personal

    Work/Life Balance Work/Life Balance Work/Life Balance Am I making a difference?
  7. Learner Personas More aware of your audience Meet learners’ needs

    based on their preferences Share the right content, at the right time, and at the right place Increase engagement and productivity
  8. Gather Information Analye Information Create Personas Interviews (learners, managers, other

    stakeholders) Observations Use of data Common threads Similarities Trends Excel and PowerPoint Brainstorming in design thinking sessions Confirm with learners Creating Learner Personas
  9. Tips & Tricks Use personas for larger transformational projects or

    ongoing programs Have a scribe & interviewer in the room when talking with learners Be sure to capture a diverse audience, including gender neutral personas
  10. Align to Your Design Make them come to life by

    referring to them by their name Ask your questions about them: “What would Apima think?” Remember their personality when you write (tone and voice)
  11. No need to reinvent the wheel Content strategy can help

    you see clearly again and make your life easier
  12. Original Ebook 1 eBook 1 infographic 2 whitepapers 1 video

    1 guest blog post 15 blog posts 1 SlideShare presentation 3 unique landing pages 3 outbound email campaigns 4 original photos 90+ socials posts
  13. Just putting content onto the LMS and tracking if the

    learner sat through it isn’t enough anymore.
  14. Say exactly what you mean wordtune.com AI-generated video from copy

    coschedule.com/ headline-analyzer makes your writing bold & clear hemingwayapp.com Copywriting Create content 10x faster jasper.ai
  15. Interactive videos & analytics convertkit.com AI-generated video from copy mailchimp.com

    Spend less time "doing emails," drip.com Email Marketing easy-to-use solutions aweber.com
  16. Interactive videos & analytics mindstamp.io AI-generated video from copy pictory.com

    Super fast video creation biteable.com Video Tools Interactive videos & analytics mindstamp.io
  17. The doc for everyone. coda.io Digital Documents Documents with an

    impact. craft.do The doc for everyone. gamma.app More than a doc. notion.so
  18. Websites from Google sheets spreadsimple.com Automation & NoCode Documents with

    an impact. craft.do Websites from Google sheets siteoly.com Collaborative data & apps airtable.com
  19. Mike's Favorites Canva There isn't much this design tool can't

    do - super impressive Craft Docs Create amazingly beautiful & functional docs in minutes. MailerLite Engaging, dynamic email campaigns in minutes Luma Create amazing landing pages for your online events. canva.com mailerlite.com craft.do lu.ma
  20. The best way to select tools and technologies is to

    match important teaching and learning activities to tools that best support them. — Patti Shank