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Self-Service Provisioning with the Crossplane Service Broker

Self-Service Provisioning with the Crossplane Service Broker

The Crossplane Service Broker exposes Crossplane primitives via the Open Service Broker API. Tobias will introduce the concepts behind the Crossplane Service Broker and demonstrate to the audience how it all works together. By leveraging the Open Service Broker API while coupling it with the powerful concept of Crossplane Compositions it's very easy to enable users of a platform which exposes Open Service Broker API integration (like Kubernetes Service Catalog or Cloudfoundry) to provision services fully automated. In a demonstration a real use case will be shown how a Redis service can be provisioned using the Open Service Broker API, leveraging the Crossplane Compositions and the Helm provider.

Tobias Brunner

May 04, 2021

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  1. VSHN – The DevOps Company VSHN operates services all around

    the world Usually enhanced security and in regulated environments Project Syn ( ) and Crossplane: next-gen services o ering Introduction syn.tools 2
  2. VSHN – The DevOps Company First implementation with Crossplane for

    biggest Swiss telecommunication company Swisscom O ering Redis and MariaDB Galera as self-service Managed Service on Kubernetes Consumed by applications running in Cloudfoundry Planned: Extend to Kubernetes with Service Catalog Own infrastructure and datacenter (Private Cloud) Project "Marketplace" 3
  3. VSHN – The DevOps Company Bring Open Service Broker API

    and Crossplane together XRD ⇒ Service O ering Composition ⇒ Service Plan XR ⇒ Service Instance Crossplane Service Broker CompositeResourceDefinition redisinstances.syn.tools Composition redis-small API Definition Creates RedisInstance redis1 Service Plan Service Instance Helm Release redis1 Open Service Broker API Service Consumer Provision Deprovision Service Offering Concept 4
  4. VSHN – The DevOps Company Example with Redis Three local

    k3d clusters Represents real-world use-case One control-plane, one or more consumer and service clusters Try yourself: Open Service Broker API "Service Consumer" / appc-consumer1 Kubernetes Service Catalog (SVCAT) Helm "Control Plane" / appc-control Crossplane & Crossplane Service Broker "Service Cluster" / appc-service1 Service deployments (via Helm) Service Provisioning and Binding Developer Live Demo vs.hn/appcatdemo 5
  5. VSHN – The DevOps Company The Crossplane Service Broker is

    Open Source: It’s still in early stages, but already used in production Roadmap: Bearer token authentication Plan ltering on broker side Async bindings Plan upgrades Open Source github.com/vshn/crossplane-service-broker 6
  6. VSHN – The DevOps Company Tobias Brunner – – VSHN

    AG – Neugasse 10 – CH-8005 Zürich – +41 44 545 53 00 – – Thanks! [email protected] @tobruzh vshn.ch [email protected] 7