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Paris.rb Oct 2014: Be more productive and confident with PullReview

Paris.rb Oct 2014: Be more productive and confident with PullReview

Presentation of PullReview:
- When it's useful
- 2 use cases: assist daily development and drive ad hoc refactoring


Christophe Philemotte

October 07, 2014

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  1. class Projects::TeamMembersController < Projects::ApplicationController # Authorize before_filter :authorize_admin_project!, except: :leave

    layout "project_settings" def index @group = @project.group @project_members = @project.project_members.order('access_level DESC') end def new @user_project_relation = project.project_members.new end def create users = User.where(id: params[:user_ids].split(',')) @project.team << [users, params[:access_level]] if params[:redirect_to] redirect_to params[:redirect_to] else redirect_to project_team_index_path(@project) end end # … end
  2. $ git commit -a # Fix some style issue *

    remove trailing blank (assets.rb) * remove extra blank line at body end (add_impress_js.rb, document.rb) * favor if for single line body condition (presentation.rb) * missing space between { and | in block (add_reveal_js.rb, presentation.rb, processor_helpers.rb) * space missing after comma (add_reveal_js.rb, presentation.rb, processor_helpers.rb) * space missing before } of block (add_reveal_js.rb, processors_helpers.rb, assets.rb) * space missing to the left of { block (add_reveal_js.rb, assets.rb) * prefer ' (add_reveal_js.rb, add_impress_js.rb) * use new Hash syntax (presentation.rb) Thanks to PullReview.com/Ruby Style Guide