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Ember 2.0 in Practice

9bf3a766e037b9d5a4da0a6f9d0f4f68?s=47 tomdale
December 02, 2014

Ember 2.0 in Practice

A brief tour of some of the new ideas in Ember 2.0, and how you can start adopting them today.



December 02, 2014

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  1. I N P R A C T I C E

    E M B E R 2 . 0
  2. W H AT ’ S N E W ?

  3. The thinnest, lightest, most powerful Ember ever.

  4. S I M P L I F I E D

    R E F I N E D M O R E P O W E R F U L
  5. M A N Y F E AT U R E

    S AVA I L A B L E T O D AY
  6. S TA B I L I T Y W I

    T H O U T S TA G N AT I O N
  7. 1.8 2.0 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 … All new features

    developed on master. No big-bang rewrite. Perhaps counterintuitively, 2.0 doesn't add new features; it simply removes long-deprecated ones.
  8. Stable Beta Canary

  9. O N E TA K E A WAY

  10. – T O M D A L E “Use Ember

    CLI today.”
  11. • Many new features will require Ember CLI • Brings

    convention over configuration to the ecosystem
  12. None
  13. N O T J U S T J AVA S

    C R I P T • Enhance builds (ESNext, linters, CSS preprocessors) • Add deployment targets (Parse, Firebase, Divshot) • CSS (Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure)
  14. N E W I D E A S

  15. S TA R T A D O P T I

    N G T O D AY N O T O N LY W I L L Y O U R A P P B E F U T U R E - P R O O F, I T W I L L B E B E T T E R A R C H I T E C T E D
  16. D ATA D O W N , A C T

    I O N S U P
  17. I T ’ S A Q U E S T

    I O N O F M U TA B I L I T Y
  18. {{user-profile avatar=user.avatarUrl}} {{user-avatar src=avatar}} {{user-avatar-editor src=avatar}} {{user-admin-panel avatarUrl=avatar}}

  19. {{user-profile avatar=user.avatarUrl}} {{user-avatar src=avatar}} {{user-avatar-editor src=avatar}} {{user-admin-panel avatarUrl=avatar}} Pop Quiz

    Which of these subcomponents can modify user.avatarUrl?
  20. {{user-profile avatar=model.avatarUrl}} {{user-avatar src=avatar}} {{user-avatar-editor src=avatar}} {{user-admin-panel avatarUrl=avatar}} All of

  21. I N S T E A D O F R

    E LY I N G O N 2 - WAY D ATA B I N D I N G , E M I T A C T I O N S
  22. export default Ember.Component.extend({ actions: { setAvatar: function(value) { this.set('model.avatarUrl', value);

    } } });
  23. {{user-profile avatar=user.avatarUrl setAvatar="setAvatar"}}

  24. {{user-profile avatar=user.avatarUrl setAvatar="setAvatar"}} {{user-avatar src=avatar}} {{user-avatar-editor src=avatar setAvatar="setAvatar"}} {{user-admin-panel avatarUrl=avatar}}

    Ember 1.x
  25. <user-profile avatar={{user.avatarUrl}} setAvatar={{action "setAvatar"}}> <user-avatar src={{avatar}}> <user-avatar-editor src={{avatar}} setAvatar={{action "setAvatar"}}>

    <user-admin-panel avatarUrl={{avatar}}> Ember 2.0
  26. <user-profile avatar={{mut user.avatarUrl}}> <user-avatar src={{avatar}}> <user-avatar-editor src={{mut avatar}}> <user-admin-panel avatarUrl={{avatar}}>

    Ember 2.0
  27. T H E R E I S N O V

    I E W. T H E R E I S O N LY C O M P O N E N T
  28. • Components are isolated • Components are reusable • Components

    can be reasoned about
  29. {{view 'user-profile'}} Pop Quiz What properties does the user-profile view

  30. {{view 'user-profile'}} Literally anything!

  31. {{user-profile}} Pop Quiz What properties does the user-profile component access?

  32. {{user-profile}} Literally none.

  33. N O M O R E O B J E

    C T C O N T R O L L E R O R A R R AY C O N T R O L L E R
  34. var controller = Ember.ObjectController.create(); var wycats = store.find('user', 'wycats'); controller.set('model',

    wycats); controller.get('firstName'); // "Yehuda"
  35. None
  36. P R O X Y I N G C O

    N F U S E S T H E H E L L O U T O F P E O P L E
  37. export default Ember.ObjectController.extend({ fullName: function() { return this.get('firstName') + "

    " + this.get('lastName'); }.property('firstName', 'lastName') });
  38. export default Ember.Controller.extend({ fullName: function() { return this.get('model.firstName') + "

    " + this.get('model.lastName'); }.property('model.firstName', 'model.lastName') });
  39. export default Ember.Controller.extend({ firstName: alias('model.firstName'), lastName: alias('model.lastName'), fullName: function() {

    return this.get('firstName') + " " + this.get('lastName'); }.property('firstName', 'lastName') });
  40. U S E E X P L I C I

    T W I T H / E A C H
  41. Hello, {{user.firstName}}! {{#with user}} Hello, {{firstName}}. {{/with}}

  42. Hello, {{user.firstName}}! {{#with user as u}} Hello, {{u.firstName}}. {{/with}} Ember

  43. Hello, {{user.firstName}}! {{#with user as |u|}} Hello, {{u.firstName}}. {{/with}} Ember

  44. – T O M D A L E “Use Ember

    CLI today.”
  45. T H A N K Y O U