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The Truth About The Environment

The Truth About The Environment

A Primer for Professional WordPress Development

Tom McFarlin

March 20, 2016

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  1. • I’m Tom (nice to meet you!) • I’m self-employed

    and blog daily • Married for eight years • Two beautiful daughters • Two crazy terrier mutts Hey, What’s Up? @tommcfarlin | https://tommcfarlin.com | http://pressware.co | https://presswareplugins.com
  2. A Primer for Professional WordPress Development Practices The Purpose of

    This Talk I want to believe there’s a better way to build solutions.
  3. 1. Do you build sites? 2. Do you maintain code?

    3. Do you use version control? 4. Do you use deployments? I want to know…
  4. • Your local machine • Should mirror Staging and Production

    • This is where development starts. Development
  5. • A server for deployments • Accessible by you and

    your client • Should have the same configuration • This is for testing only • Do not modify code live on this server Staging
  6. • This is the live site • It’s for code

    deployments and users • You do not make live changes • This never includes • test content • untested code Production
  7. • How most people get started • Clearly delineate Staging

    and Production • Push to Production on final sign off Deployments via FTP
  8. • Tied into version control • Relies on changes in

    your repository • In WordPress, you’re likely to use Subversion • You may also use Git via GitHub Deployments via Tooling
  9. • PhpMyAdmin • Free • Manual deployments • WP Migrate

    DB Pro • Paid plugin • Handles deployments automatically What About Databases?
  10. • May require a change to your workflow • My

    approach is not prescriptive: • Set up my development environment • Defines milestones and tasks • Iterate until sign off • Repeat until project completion • Deploy to production Your Project Management