Google App Engine - a PHP PaaS from Prototyping to Production

Google App Engine - a PHP PaaS from Prototyping to Production

App Engine is a container-based, auto-scaling hosting environment (PaaS really), running PHP.

It let’s you get off the ground quickly, for FREE - then grow to a much, much larger scale with little or no effort.

It went “Generally Available” in 2015, so has both free and commercial support from Google.

I'll talk about Scaling and Performance options for your application. What’s free and what’s not, Data storage, Databases, Background processing, Task queues, Crons, Memcache, Full text search, communication in & out of App Engine, Community & Commercial support and Deployments. Maybe a bit on modules and how to use the Google-provided SDK to build and develop locally.

I’ll try and point out some of the pitfalls too.

You should leave the talk knowing if App Engine is likely to help you save time and money or add something useful to your already bulging toolkit!


Tom Walder

June 01, 2016