Mining Software Repositories 2020: Intelligent Data

Mining Software Repositories 2020: Intelligent Data

Presented at Mining Summer School MSR Vision 2020.


Thomas Zimmermann

August 20, 2012


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    Accenture survey among 254 US managers in industry. 40

    percent of major decisions are based not on facts, but on the manager’s gut. ” “
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    Software development analytics Empower software development teams to gain and

    share insight from their data to make better decisions. ” “
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    INTELLIGENCE IN EVERYTHING "The models I develop explore what it

    will feel like to be a human in the year 2020. […] The models I build are based on a mix of social and computer science, statistical data and my constant travels around the world talking to people about the future. […] As we approach 2020 the size of computing moves to zero. […] How do we want to make the lives of people all over the world better by infusing our lives with intelligence?"  Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Intel Photo via Quote via
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    "My prediction is that the term 'cloud' will have disappeared

    from the phrase 'cloud computing' by 2020, because the majority of computing will simply assumed to be done in the cloud. […]”  Jack Uldrich, Futurist CLOUD BECOMES THE NORM Photo via Quote via
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    via Gerd Leonhard
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    “Everything will have moved into the cloud: content, media, health

    records, education. Connecting the cloud with the crowd will become a huge business. Related to this, access will replace ownership in almost all forms of media. Future media 'consumers' will simply have music, films, TV shows, games, etc. in the cloud, paid 'with attention […] Most importantly, many consumers will not pay for 'content' per se, but for all the added values around the content, such as curation, packaging, design, social connections, interfaces, apps, etc. […]“  Gerd Leonhard, Futurist CONNECTING THE CLOUD WITH THE CROWD Photo via Quote via
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    “Predicting the future will be commonplace for the average person

    – futurists could be out of a job. We are amassing unprecedented amounts of data – a zettabyte alone this year. […] New […] algorithms and tools will unlock this rich source of data, creating unprecedented insight. Cloud based tools will allow anyone to mine this data and perform what-if analysis, even using it to predict the future.”  Dave Evans, Cisco Chief Futurist NEW ALGORITHMS AND TOOLS Photo via Quote via
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    My MSR predictions for 2020 • More + different data

    • More algorithms • More people • More roles (analysts!) • More real-time • More social • Less recommendation • Privacy becomes more important MY MSR PREDICITIONS FOR 2020
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    • More + different data • More algorithms • More

    people (everyone mines data) • More roles (data scientists!) • More real-time • More social • More curation, less recommendation (maybe) • Privacy becomes more important MY MSR PREDICITIONS FOR 2020