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Because I love bots and Lambda

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November 09, 2016

Because I love bots and Lambda

Serverless Meetup Tokyo at Microsoft



November 09, 2016


  1. ĝĝĝ Yasuhiro HARA Serverless Meetup Tokyo @ 傈劤و؎ؙٗاؿز #serverlesstokyo

  2. Yasuhiro HARA / toricls

  3. www.supinf.co.jp

  4. Why 'Serverless'

  5. None
  6. toricls/pingbot http://bit.ly/i-love-bots Web GUI Slack

  7. Demo

  8. toricls/pingbot http://bit.ly/i-love-bots

  9. toricls/pingbot AWS Lambda Amazon CloudWatch Events Amazon Dynamo DB AWS

    IAM Amazon S3 / Amazon Cognito (Idp) / React AWS CloudFormation + Bash http://bit.ly/i-love-bots
  10. λ CloudWatch Events rate(1 minute) dispatcher.js

  11. λλ dispatcher.js invoke health-checker.js http/https target website

  12. λλλ results processor.js slack-notifier.js invoke Slack stream health-checker.js put result

  13. λ Questions?