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Yochang, Song

April 27, 2019

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  1. Everyone, even people you look up to, started at zero-

    no one was born knowing any of this. There's nothing stopping you from mastering it too, over time.
 The "over time" part is important. Be patient and kind with yourself, it takes time to learn these things.
  2. ݽفٜ, ֎о ઓ҃ೞח ࢎۈٜઑର Zeroীࢲ द ੘೮য. ইޖب ੉ ࢎपਸ

    ঌ૑ ޅೞҊ కযա ૑. दр੉ ૑թী ٮۄ ցب ӒѦ ੊൤ח Ѧ ݄ ਸ ࣻ হয.
 "য়ߡ ఋ੐" ࠗ࠙੉ ઺ਃೞ׮. ੋղबਸ ыҊ ஘ ੺ೞѱ ؀೧ۄ, ੉۠ Ѫٜਸ ߓ਋ח ؘח दр੉ Ѧܽ׮.