What's new in Java 9?

What's new in Java 9?

Presentation from BGOUG conference Nov 17, 2017.
Since September 2017, Java 9 is generally available. It offers many enhancements:
• Modularity – provides clear separation between public and private APIs, stronger encapsulation & dependency management.
• JShell – using and customizing Java 9 interactive shell by example
• Process API updates – feature-rich, async OS process management and statistics
• Reactive Streams, CompletableFuture and Stream API updates
• Building asynchronous HTTP/2 and WebSocket pipelines using HTTP/2 Client and CompletableFuture composition
• Collection API updates
• Stack walking, and other language enhancements (Project Coin)

Discussed topics are accompanied by live demos available for further review @ github.com/iproduct.


Trayan Iliev

November 17, 2017