NGRX Apps in Depth

NGRX Apps in Depth

Presentation from Angular Sofia Meetup event focuses on integration between state-of-the-art Angular, component libraries and supporting technologies, necessary to build a scalable and performant single-page apps. Topics include:
- Composing NGRX Reducers, Selectors and Middleware;
- Computing derived data using Reselect-style memoization with RxJS;
- NGRX Router integration;
- Normalization/denormalization and keeping data locally in IndexedDB;
- Processing Observable (hot) streams of async actions, and isolating the side effects using @Effect decorator with NGRX/RxJS reactive transforms;
- Integration of Material Design with third party component libraries like PrimeNG;
- more: lazy loading, AOT...


Trayan Iliev

June 15, 2017