Reactive Java Robotics & IoT with Spring Reactor

Reactive Java Robotics & IoT with Spring Reactor

On April 4-th, 2017 in cosmos coworking camp – Sofia, Trayan Iliev will talk about “Reactive Java Robotics and IoT with Spring Reactor” (

The event is organized by DEV.BG and it is part from the user group Internet of Things.

1. Robotics, IoT & Complexity. Domain-Driven Design (DDD). Reactive programming. Reactive Streams (java.util.concurrent.Flow);
2. High performance non-blocking asynchronous programming on JVM using Reactor project (using Disruptor/RingBuffer);
3. Implementig reactive hot event streams processing with Reactor: Flux & Mono, Processors;
4. End-to-end reactive web applications and services: Reactor IO (REST, WebSocket) + RxJS + Angular 2;
5. IPTPI robot demo – reactive hot event streams processing on Raspberry Pi 2 + Arduino with embedded and mobile interfaces:

For the lecturer: Trayan Iliev
– founder and manager of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies ( – company for IT trainings and consultancy, specialized in Java, Fullstack JavaScipt, web and mobile technologies
– 15+ years training and consulting experience
– lecturer on the conferences, organized by BGJUG and BGOUG – 9 presentations
– organizer of hackathons on Java robotics & IoT in Sofia and Plovdiv
– presenter on international developer conferences: jPrime, jPofessionals, Voxxed Days


Trayan Iliev

April 04, 2017