Microservices with Spring 5 Webflux - jProfessionals 2018

Microservices with Spring 5 Webflux - jProfessionals 2018

Spring 5 introduces new functional and reactive programming model for building web applications and (micro-)services.
The session @jProfessionals dev conference demonstrates how to build REST microservices using Spring WebFlux and Spring Boot using code examples on GitHub. It includes:
- Introduction to reactive programming, Reactive Streams specification, and project Reactor (as WebFlux infrastructure);
- Comparison between annotation-based and functional reactive ;programming approaches for building REST services with WebFlux;
- Router, handler and filter functions;
- Using reactive repositories and reactive database access with Spring Data;
- Building end-to-end non-blocking reactive web services using Netty-based web runtime;
- Reactive WebClients and integration testing;
- Realtime event streaming to WebClients using JSON Streams, and to JS client using SSE.


Trayan Iliev

January 27, 2018