Underestimated costs of microservice architectures

Underestimated costs of microservice architectures

With many business success stories, our beautiful software systems can degrade into monolithic Big Balls of Mud. And to fix these kinds of monstrosities, we as developers and architects have begun to reach for microservices as our solution. Beautifully-designed architecture diagrams and org charts clearly show the benefits in terms of coordination, batch size, and codebase understandability, but is it really all unicorns and rainbows?

As folks who have been down this road can tell you, microservice architectures don’t solve all our problems. Tradeoffs abound, and in this talk we’ll see the costs we need to be prepared to pay when we introduce microservices, including team dynamics as well as technical tradeoffs around consistency, failure handling, and observability.


Colin Jones

May 02, 2018