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extend rails application by rails engine

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December 08, 2012

extend rails application by rails engine



December 08, 2012


  1. extend rails application by rails engine Tse-Ching Ho 何澤清 2012-12-08

    rubyconf.tw lightening talk
  2. Nothing new

  3. bundle gem bundle gem simple-pages-rails

  4. rails plugin rails plugin new simple-pages-rails -- mountable -d mysql

    -T --dummy-path=spec/ dummy
  5. rails template rails new -m ~/codes/pages_template.rb thor http://rdoc.info/github/wycats/thor

  6. Rails app builder rails new -b ~/codes/pages_builder.rb thor http://rdoc.info/github/wycats/thor Rails::AppBuilder

  7. something different

  8. rails assets gem chosen-rails https://github.com/tsechingho/chosen-rails ckeditor-rails https://github.com/tsechingho/ckeditor-rails icomoon-rails https://github.com/tsechingho/icomoon-rails

  9. bootstrap http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/ Do we still need to design all things

    by self?
  10. rails themes gem copyright! be public? require front-end & back-end

    themes not only css & javascript
  11. rails themes gem Buy a designed theme http://themeforest.net/browse/tags/default/bootstrap Create a

    PRIVATE themes gem Add to your gem file Customize application
  12. rails themes gem rails-theme-helper https://github.com/tsechingho/rails-theme-helper simple-pages-rails https://github.com/tsechingho/simple-pages-rails we need more!

  13. something fun

  14. rails archer rails new theme_demo --themes ~/codes/ themes.yml rails-archer shoot

    new birds --with ~/codes/bows.yml https://github.com/tsechingho/rails-archer soon!
  15. rails xxx gem any subsystems since beginning stage monitor packages

    analysis packages map packages EC packages
  16. END