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Coffeescript: unfancy javascript

Coffeescript: unfancy javascript

Dimitris Tsironis

February 03, 2013

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  1. Philosophy code is art ruby’s syntax rocks less is more

    verbal syntax it’s javascript after all
  2. Coff script on Rail seamless compile on development minify and

    concatenation backbone-on-rails gem! same philosophy as Ruby
  3. Hubot coffeescript on node.js Github’s robot for stuff mainly, finds

    you kittens and embarrassing photos totally open-source easily extensible (see docs)
  4. Resource http://coffeescript.org Codeschool course A little book for Coffeescript http://js2coffee.org

    http://www.ricardo.cc/2011/06/02/10-CoffeeScript-One-Liners-to- Impress-Your-Friends.html