Learn and Grow with Open Source

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April 27, 2015

Learn and Grow with Open Source

Materi Presentasi Roadshow GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 Yogyakarta oleh Aji Kisworo Mukti


Estu Fardani

April 27, 2015


  1. Learn and grow with Open Source Project Aji Kisworo Mukti

  2. Too difficult. Time consuming. Genius Programmer. + Unlimited free time.

    = Meaningful contribution
  3. That’s simply not true. All levels of coding skills +

    commitment = Successful Open Source Project
  4. I’m a beginner, give me more clue. Image courtesy of

  5. Report a bug • One of the most important thing

    in a project • Try find a bug in project you use, report it. • If you don’t, developers won’t find and fix them. • Take time and write-up into project’s bug tracking system. • Verify bug and improve the tickets. Is a different version? different platform?
  6. Write a documentation • Is the first thing when you

    exploring new project. Documentation. • Then you will looking for an example. How to use it. • For example a few screenshots will help new users. • If you more, you can contribute to project’s wiki or official site.
  7. Answer a question • Is an investment in the project

    as much as writing code. • A great place to start is Stackoverflow.
  8. Blog your experiences • Yes. Write everything about project’s you

    use. Installation, setup and configuration, problem and how to solve it.
  9. Give a talk at a user group meeting • Transfer

    knowledge with face-to-face meetup, no higher bandwidth then that. • Give short presentation of favorite piece of project.
  10. Find the right project to contribute to I want to

    get started in open source, but what project should I work on? The best project to contribute to is one that you actively use
  11. Learn and Grow • A project you already use is

    going to give you the most motivation. • Helping the open source community will become an everyday part of your life as a software developer. • And open source software will be the better for your contributions.
  12. Start Now Sumber: https://blog.newrelic.com/2014/05/05/open-source_gettingstarted/