Buid DevOps Culture from Zero

Buid DevOps Culture from Zero

How DevOps Culture Speed Your Release?


Estu Fardani

October 10, 2019


  1. PAGE 1 DEVOPS INDONESIA Jakarta, 10 Oktober 2019 DevOps Community

    in Indonesia Build DevOps Culture from Zero
  2. PAGE 2 DEVOPS INDONESIA Enjoy, we provide rice... snack

  3. PAGE 3 DEVOPS INDONESIA Let’s get know each other


  5. PAGE 5 DEVOPS INDONESIA The pace of change is accelerating….


  7. PAGE 7 DEVOPS INDONESIA DevOps Culture is a set of

    principles which lay the fundamental groundwork of DevOps culture. The primary objectives of the DevOps methodology are to speed up the time to market, apply incremental improvements in response to the changing DevOps Culture
  8. PAGE 8 DEVOPS INDONESIA No one... Starting Point Image: Alamy

  9. PAGE 9 DEVOPS INDONESIA From zero? - Know your state,

    existing - Team, Teck, Stack, VM, Jobs What to do?
  10. PAGE 10 DEVOPS INDONESIA - See the problem, why am

    I here? - Set your goal, what your company expect What to do?
  11. PAGE 11 DEVOPS INDONESIA - Break down the solutions. -

    How? what first? What to do?
  12. PAGE 12 DEVOPS INDONESIA image: https://www.mindtheproduct.com/what-the-hell-are-ci-cd-and-devops-a-cheatsheet-for-the-rest-of-us/

  13. PAGE 13 DEVOPS INDONESIA 1. Foster a Collaborative Environment a.

    Pairing b. Feedback Principle
  14. PAGE 14 DEVOPS INDONESIA 2. Impose End-to-End Responsibility a. Visibility

    b. Transparency c. Documented Principle
  15. PAGE 15 DEVOPS INDONESIA 3. Encourage Continuous Improvement a. Time

    b. Simple Principle
  16. PAGE 16 DEVOPS INDONESIA 4. Automate (Almost) Everything a. Let's

    Bot take over, less error b. Build your cup of coffee Principle
  17. PAGE 17 DEVOPS INDONESIA 5. Focus on the Customer’s Needs

    a. Everything, if fun, do it Principle
  18. PAGE 18 DEVOPS INDONESIA 6. Embrace Failure, and Learn From

    it a. Hard, very hard b. Ngambing c. Focus to cause Principle
  19. PAGE 19 DEVOPS INDONESIA 7. Unite Teams — and Expertise

    a. Build, not poach, not own b. Keep learn Principle

  21. PAGE 21 DEVOPS INDONESIA 0. No SOP a. Create it.

    stick to it, and improve b. No personal request! c. Create ticket. Write it clear! (title & content) Story
  22. PAGE 22 DEVOPS INDONESIA 1. No Readme a. We are

    magician b. Write it, we are not forever it here. Help yourself. Story
  23. PAGE 23 DEVOPS INDONESIA 2. Spend too long time for

    communicate a. difference lang b. difference timezone c. difference red tape Story
  24. PAGE 24 DEVOPS INDONESIA 3. Afraid Prod Release a. what

    if broken b. what if fail c. what if … d. Just release, find bug, and fix it Story
  25. PAGE 25 DEVOPS INDONESIA 4. Afraid of change a. Learn

    something new, it will help you b. Talk something new, we will improve Story
  26. PAGE 26 DEVOPS INDONESIA Kamu tak sendiri~

  27. PAGE 27 DEVOPS INDONESIA We are build the people. We

    are people. Tech will always update. But we still need life. ~ Estu QQTD
  28. PAGE 28 DEVOPS INDONESIA Stay Connected linkedin.com/in/tuanpembual

  29. PAGE 29 DEVOPS INDONESIA Alone We are smart, together We

    are brilliant THANK YOU ! Quote by Steve Anderson