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Anika Zubair - Customer Success for Revenue Growth: People, Process, Tools, and Repeatability

Anika Zubair - Customer Success for Revenue Growth: People, Process, Tools, and Repeatability

Turing Fest

July 05, 2023

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  1. Why are we here? What does revenue growth mean to

    your business? Three big challenges to scaling Reactive to Proactive Approach Recommendations for Revenue Growth in Customer Success Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  2. It's not easy... “I’d love to scale my CS program

    and make it more proactive than reactive.” "Where do I start when it comes to growing revenue with customers?" “I’d love to scale my CS program and make it more proactive than reactive”
  3. Scaling Customer Success = Revenue Markets and Verticals Number of

    Customers Geographies Products & Services Number of Employess Bokings and Revenue
  4. If it doesn't contribute to NRR, it doesn't make sense...

    Where: Where is business growth happening? What: What resources do you need to be able to handle this growth? When: When do you have to be ready for this growth? How: How will this growth affect your team?
  5. People Culture Communication Career Paths Training Specialisation Compensation What are

    your investments? Process Lifecycle Management Process & Policy Metrics Tools Knowledgebase CS Platform LMS Community Repetability Handoffs QBRs Success Plans
  6. Internal Challenges Budget Restraints → Define your ideal organization based

    on forecasting Data Inconsistency → CS Ops and Data Warehouse Lack of collaboration → Create a culture of customer first
  7. Customer Challenges Adoption of Tech → Training the trainer with

    a success plan Change Management → Integrate into how they work Siloed Work → Sharing a Maturity Model
  8. Customers Sub 50 One major locations (Europe) Early Stage: Aquire

    Customers People 25 people All in one office CSM is jack of all trades Process Basic Journey Map Manual Health Score Basic Customer metrics Tools Basic CRM Support Case Management Knowlesgebase Goal: Customer Acquisitions and product market fit Constant: Grow number of customers, grow market share, and prove the business model
  9. Customers 100s Europe SMB and Midmarket Mid Stage: Reactive to

    Proactive People 150 people VP of Customer Success Small CSM team Role Definition Process Lifecycle process with segmentation Outcome metrics with forecasting (NRR, TTV, NRR) Tools CRM Support and Success/Platforms Knowledgebase LMS Goal: Grow European market share and expand product and offerings Constant: Grow the number of customers, improve reliability, quality and proactiveness of delivery
  10. Customers 1000s EMEA, North American/ APAC New Verticals Customer Advocates

    Mature Stage: Optimize for IPO People 450+ people Job Roles and Career Paths Formal Enablement Dedicated Ops Manager Process Unique User Journey based on data and segmentation Automation for Digital CS Tools CRM Support and Success/Platforms Knowledgebase LMS/Community Goal: Continue improving the quality and reliability of the product while growing internationally Constant: Own market share in EMEA and one other Geo. ARR Segmentation, churn maintenance and renewals across segmentation
  11. Customers 1000s+ Worldwide Multi Segments and verticals Enterprise Stage: Global

    Growth People 1000-10000 Global Offices Mature CS and service teams HR systems & Enablement Process Unique User Journey based on data and AI Full Ops teams Deep Data Insights Tools CRM Support and Success/Platforms Knowledgebase LMS/Community Partner Portal Goal: Grow global market share and expand product portfolio and GTM and improve customer experience Constant: Market share, financial metrics, customer base, ARR, customer sentiment and satisfaction, and retention/ expansion rates
  12. Growth Strategy Framework What are your goals? Integrate Scale &

    Growth Strategy What are your investments? What are your constraints? Execute Asses Results
  13. Identify what is required for a CSM for reactive work

    vs support and remove it from their plate Recommendations for CS Growth Dive in and make proactive work at least 10% of the time Not all proactive work needs to be delivered via a QBR Document proactive engagement differently Be Prescriptive to your CSMs Customer communication at scale is more than just emails Scaling takes data to drive automation Bring in a data team or CS ops Scaled engagement doesn’t mean no human interaction