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August 05, 2014




August 05, 2014

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  1. _ Why _ Background Knowing recipes or anything about food

    via chatting with your neighbours or reading books Watching television programs Later when TV invented ੲ - 20th Century or even earlier
  2. _ Why _ Background ੲ - 20th Century or even

    earlier - Slow in propagation and increasing of types of food - Different food isolated geographically - Less communication between food in different places
  3. _ Why _ Background - Easy to propagate and increase

    the types of food - No isolation - Much more communication between food in different places ࠓ - Nowadays
  4. In traditional research way, Humanists and Historians investigated real documents

    like books or some other paper medias _ Why _ Background
  5. - human thinking - deep and wisdom ! ! BUT

    - take time - limited _ Why _ Background
  6. _ Why _ Background Origins, features, relationships, changes, trends, development

    etc. ! Materials, eating methods, cooking methods etc. of food So, for
  7. _ Why _ Background - Not hard for historians or

    even common people to catch up with ࠓ ੲ - Impossible for common person or even historians to catch up with in traditional way
  8. _ Why _ Important_Interesting Food historians look at food as

    one of the most important elements of cultures, reflecting the social and economic structure of society.
  9. _ Why _ Most of people have interests in Food.

    Important_Interesting BESIDES
  10. _ Why _ - want to try something new some

    day - elders prefer traditional food - … Important_Interesting - want to try something ate before - want to try different combinations
  11. _ Why _ Monthly unique users (mobile client): 13.0 million

    users (Apr 2014) Important_Interesting
  12. _ How _ Yoko Yamakata, Shinji Imahori, Yuichi Sugiyama, Shinsuke

    Mori, Katsumi Tanaka: Feature Extraction and Summarization of Recipes Using Flow Graph. ! SocInfo 2013: 241-254 Related work
  13. _ How _ people place the most importance on the

    differences of cooking procedures when they compare the recipes.
  14. _ How _ Ranking with factors such asingredients, combinations, or

    the methods and tools based on time Ranking list
  15. _ How _ For one hand, Ranking list with different

    factors may be one of the easiest digram which can be used to understand the evolution or history of something. ! For the other hand, Ranking list may also be the initial condition of a graph which there is just an extend between the two.
  16. _ How _ English curry 「仮」 udon ೔ຊ ւ֎ First

    Japanese curry New Japanese curry Indian curry ? Thai curry Curry udon Japanese Thai tasted curry
  17. Fin