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From Donkey To Unicorn: Ordinary To World Class

From Donkey To Unicorn: Ordinary To World Class

Otemuyiwa Prosper

November 14, 2017

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  1. Speaker Bio 2 ❖ Software Developer ❖ Consultant at Auth0

    ❖ Open Sourcerer ❖ Self-Acclaimed Developer Evangelist ❖ Community Builder ❖ Jollof Rice Ambassador ❖ Homeless Man
  2. Technical/ Technical? 5 1. How to be a great developer?

    2. How to be a 6-figure developer? 3. How to be a Celebrity developer?
  3. From Donkey To Unicorn - Ordinary To World Class 9

    Great code is fine, yet commanding better work and a higher salary depends on ensuring more people know who you are.
  4. From Donkey To Unicorn - Ordinary To World Class 1

    2 Think of your skills as a feature and make yourself an API through which you expose this feature to your team mates, client & community.
  5. 6. Know thy tools as a craftsman Simple tools for

    complex problems put a shine on the developer.
  6. From Donkey To Unicorn - Resources 2 9 ❖ Customer

    collaboration over contract negotiation ❖ Responding to change over following a plan ❖ Working Software over comprehensive documentation Work Hard, But Be Smart!
  7. Big Boy Pants: World Class Developer - Resources 3 0

    ❖ Software Architecture for Developers - Technical Leadership and the balance with agility by Simon Brown ❖ The Software Developer’s Manual by John Sonmez ❖ The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master