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From Donkey To Unicorn: Ordinary To World Class

From Donkey To Unicorn: Ordinary To World Class


Otemuyiwa Prosper

November 14, 2017


  1. From Donkey To Unicorn: Ordinary To World Class

  2. Speaker Bio 2 ❖ Software Developer ❖ Consultant at Auth0

    ❖ Open Sourcerer ❖ Self-Acclaimed Developer Evangelist ❖ Community Builder ❖ Jollof Rice Ambassador ❖ Homeless Man
  3. Community Evangelist ❖ forLoop Africa ❖ Laravel Nigeria ❖ Angular

  4. Google Developer Expert @unicodeveloper

  5. Technical/ Technical? 5 1. How to be a great developer?

    2. How to be a 6-figure developer? 3. How to be a Celebrity developer?
  6. Woot! Woot! Yaaaaaasss, let’s do it!

  7. Developing is a lot like cooking!

  8. Technical/ Technical? 8 There’s more to career advancement than solving

    tough programming challenges.
  9. From Donkey To Unicorn - Ordinary To World Class 9

    Great code is fine, yet commanding better work and a higher salary depends on ensuring more people know who you are.
  10. Technical/ Technical? 1 0 Technical Skills are overrated. Are they?

  11. 1. Excellent Technical Skills Business Domain Knowledge is Critical….

  12. From Donkey To Unicorn - Ordinary To World Class 1

    2 Think of your skills as a feature and make yourself an API through which you expose this feature to your team mates, client & community.
  13. 2. Run a Blog Thought Leadership….

  14. Coding & Writing? Where’s the time?

  15. 3. Contribute to Open Source

  16. Contribute To Open Source? Man, Ina bukatar yin kudi!!!

  17. 4. Eye on the Shiny new stuff, hands on the

  18. Fura.js? Seems cool but I’m deep with React, Ka Wayi!

  19. 5. Be flexible in your hold on knowledge.

  20. Be Flexible? LOOOOL..I know this sh*t, Don’t tell me nonsense

  21. 6. Soft skills are underrated amongst developers. Change the status

  22. Soft Skills? Why? Coding is hard enough!

  23. 6. Know thy tools as a craftsman Simple tools for

    complex problems put a shine on the developer.
  24. Know thy tools like a Boss? Sublime? Master it!

  25. 7. Become an authority on a subject or domain area.

    Thought Leadership….
  26. An Authority? How? What should I do?

  27. 8. Follow great developers & soak yourself in Engineering blogs.

  28. Follow those who have created greatness before you!

  29. From Donkey To Unicorn - Resources 2 9 ❖ Customer

    collaboration over contract negotiation ❖ Responding to change over following a plan ❖ Working Software over comprehensive documentation Work Hard, But Be Smart!
  30. Big Boy Pants: World Class Developer - Resources 3 0

    ❖ Software Architecture for Developers - Technical Leadership and the balance with agility by Simon Brown ❖ The Software Developer’s Manual by John Sonmez ❖ The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master
  31. Thank you, guys! Now, go forth & be World Class!!!