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DL2022 Mags Hanley - Is money the only way to recruit and retain staff?

November 16, 2022

DL2022 Mags Hanley - Is money the only way to recruit and retain staff?

There are more factors than money that an employer can use for both retaining and hiring designers. Using Daniel Pink’s model of mastery, autonomy and purpose, I will go through ways to craft roles and packages that will appeal to the market.


November 16, 2022

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  1. Is money the only way to recruit and retain staff?

    Design Leadership, UX Australia 16 November 2022 © Mags Hanley 2022
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  6. Money and package

  7. Money and package

  8. Good projects

  9. Projects

  10. Culture and working conditions

  11. Culture and working conditions

  12. Career development

  13. Career advancement Photo by name_ gravity on Unsplash

  14. Advice from the industry

  15. Kara DeFrias’ suggestion of the components •Salary •Benefits •Vacation/sick time

    •Tuition reimbursement •Conference allowance •Training budget Plus: Title https://karadefrias.medium.com/thinking-beyond-salary-how-to-negotiate-your-best-comp-pa ckage-421208b03865
  16. How to Attract Top Tech Talent 1. Commitment to diversity

    and inclusion 2. Transparent and accountable senior management 3. Culture of coaching and development https://hbr.org/2021/11/how-to-attract-top-tech-talent
  17. Job Sculpting: The Art of Retaining Your Best People Job

    sculpting is the art of matching people to jobs that allow their deeply embedded life interests to be expressed. It is the art of forging a customised career path in order to increase the chance of retaining talented people. Eight life interests 1. Application of Technology 2. Quantitative Analysis 3. Theory Development and Conceptual Thinking 4. Creative Production 5. Counselling and Mentoring 6. Managing People and Relationships 7. Enterprise Control 8. Influence Through Language and Ideas https://hbr.org/1999/09/job-sculpting-the-art-of-retaining-your-best-people
  18. What’s the case for retention?

  19. Money Costs Recruitment • $23,000 - $34,000 Time to hire

    • 40 days Contractor to cover • $1000/day - $40,000 Total : $74,000 Retention costs • Pay rise - $20,000 • Training budget - $5,000 Total: $25,000 Culture and morale Loosing people • Lost productivity as the person leaves and another skilled up • Skilling up takes 2-4 weeks • People leaving can result in more people resigning Keeping people • Continuity of projects • Happy staff member • Upskilled person • Keeping team together for longer https://www.hcamag.com/au/specialisation/employee-engagement/this-is-how-much-it-costs-to-hire-one-employee/192 036
  20. So what’s the formula?

  21. Retention •Be aware of market rates for salaries – you

    need to be competitive! •Level up pay across roles and people •Look at the culture of where you are…are people leaving because of deep seated problems in the culture? •Are senior leadership respected and transparent? •Find what motivates a person – what are their life interests? •Career development – actively develop people's careers and be ready to sculpt their roles to keep them •Create career paths as the norm for your organisation
  22. Recruitment •Be aware of market rates for salaries – you

    need to be competitive! •Work out the best combination of benefits that meet the needs of the person •Amp up training and education budgets •Don’t bullshit on the projects or culture – you may find someone leaving after 2 months if the work is not as described or the culture is awful •Hybrid is the minimum; Remote is a preference
  23. Mags Hanley •Career coach and leadership facilitator •Long time Digital

    Designer with deep expertise into Information Architecture •Worked in Australia, US and UK •Author of Career Architecture – analyse, structure and plan your design career © Mags Hanley 2022