Prototyping in a live environment

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August 11, 2017

Prototyping in a live environment

Come along and hear and about the ins and outs of rapid prototyping in a live environment, specifically medical centres that can see ~800 patients per day. In the first phase of this project we did a considerable amount of customer and staff research to define the customer problem/ opportunity. In parallel we analysed the organisation's operational data to see where our insights correlated with missed opportunity by the organisation.

In the second phase, we tested a range of concepts to see if we could make an impact on the problem areas/ areas of opportunity.
These concepts were anything from manually providing patients with numbers so they had a stronger indication of where they are in the queue, to providing a kids area to distract kids (and parents!) from the wait time. By measuring the impact the concept had we were able to see how desirable, feasible and viable they were. We'll talk about what we learnt and how we demonstrated to the organisation these concepts were worth the investment to implement on a real scale.

Presented by Sophie Lloyd at UX Australia 2017



August 11, 2017