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Innovating beyond the constraints of a design system!

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October 25, 2019

Innovating beyond the constraints of a design system!

UXINDIA2019: India's biggest international conference on User Experience Design which is being celebrated on Sep 9, 10 & 11 at Novotel HICC, Hyderabad.
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October 25, 2019

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  2. Designing Beyond the constraints of a design system! SENTHIL KUMAR,

    Lead UXD
  3. Win a Google Home! Listen! Solve the puzzle & get

    a chance to
  4. Senthil Kumar M Lead UX Designer • Native of Chennai,

    But a Hyderabadi for past 8yrs • More than a decade of Experience in UX • Specialist in crafting enterprise B2B & B2C experiences with companies like Microsoft, Cordys & Insideview • Sustainability & Grass root innovation are my long time focus areas
  5. Not Just No. 1 CRM in the world . .

    . Most innovative & admired company to work with by putting our Customers first!

  7. Awesome Work OUR MISSION Make Work Awesome

  8. And design systems is one of the perfect scenario where

    we do that! How many of you actually use / used a design system?
  9. More than 80% use a Design system! Usage Used for?

    Source: Carbonfive survey, 2018
  10. I’m no exception!

  11. The most adopted design system.. Since 3yrs 300+ Components Millions

    of users!
  12. Most widely adopted design system..

  13. None
  14. But.. Where did it all start..?

  15. Anthropometry Roads Legos

  16. Think Minecraft, but for the real world 5000 years back

    @ Indus Valley Civilization!
  17. Back then till today all of these systems Are modular

    and repeatable to achieve faster & consistent experience at scale!
  18. people have their own reservations with design systems... But,

  19. • Constraints • Developer pushbacks • How to be unique?

    • Gets outdated soon! And finally all these adds up to the big one - HOW TO INNOVATE? Caveats like
  20. In most cases these are just Perceptions!

  21. In most cases these are just Perceptions!

  22. Constraints! 1 • Design system is only a foundation •

    A good design system solves 80% of the basic UX & Dev needs • Since you already have the base, you are already innovating at an higher level! • Dont undermine the Multiplier effect
  23. Innovation over 19+ years! Sony Playstation has been nudging pixels

    in the real world over two decades to define the perfectly evolved video game controller! ios Evolution Instead of competing on Specs, Apple focused on getting the core experience right! Classic - 1994 PS4 - 2013
  24. Dev pushbacks! 2 • The Engineering generally mean the component

    is not available, but with right reasoning & conviction the solution might be..! • Enunciate the need of the users and the value it brings to the platform • Understand their constraints • Be a tag team.
  25. The Innovation here is Foldability! Obviously the solution varies depending

    on material capability.
  26. How to be unique! 3 • Encourage new Ideas! •

    Validate the investment return Added Value x Usage Vs Additional Engineering Effort • Pitch to the central / systems design team • Build for the greater good - scenario agnostic
  27. Same Components..

  28. But different solutions!

  29. Uniqueness should be the key! For a design systems to

    be successful, it should encourage both internal & external innovation.
  30. Gets outdated! 4 • It's not old, its robust! •

    It’s already registered in your user’s muscle memory! • Encourage your team to contribute back • Evolve with newer technologies ◦ But make sure its backward compatible ◦ Our own example of Raptor for Mobile
  31. The robustness of framework aids in Content Innovation! How many

    times did we as designers have taken a paper & started thinking, why is the layout like this? Instead directly getting into the consumption mode!
  32. How to innovate? * Define Need Stakeholders Connect Know thy

    Constraints Go for the Multiplier Keep Improvising
  33. Bonus! 1. The Need: Any event that results in an

    opportunity, to understand the needs of the Customer better aiding in up sell / cross sell. * Life Events Component
  34. Option 02 Concepts.. Option 03 Option 01 2. Connected with

    stakeholders 3. Understood the constraints 4. Extended the solution for a framework! 5. We still keep pondering on Improvements... Option 04
  35. The Solution This tiny component of innovation proved a big

    success not just my team, but the entire org via - Upscaling our user engagement by multifolds - Encouraged Innovation across all roles - Appreciates empathising user needs and the constraints of a design system! - Realise the value of multiplier effect!
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